Waiting by the Phone: He had a waterbed

Tuesday, August 21st

Waiting by the Phone: He had a waterbed

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He went on a daily show money you had an amazing time and all of sudden now other unresponsive. Ghosting shock shot that's why we wanna help it's waiting by the phone Alex share. Say I did true. And I got it done. Let me gash. You went out with a girl. And had a great try to turn and they and now she doesn't want to answer. That's it she has pulled it just aren't we it backed my play. Now. Battle. At the business and all I don't know I have no idea what happens you do that called. The. So you don't trying to get some business means. Lull. Yeah like me down. May god is not business and make guesses make yeah yeah and businesses is the X yeah it hurt like level. Parker added that in Nash at the next level Jews. Am a huge transaction. Sugar the first can among my true ways that it just didn't live up to expectations. It's. Again. Personal and I held up that's sure not but that's. First they had a lot how we caller find out pretty this year Ager has given us or numbers show will during it's he shall talk to us hang out decree. True role. Well I'm not that is definitely an. Annan is sea air us. Did you see how I. It's Booker Alex and share with mix 947 or calling for a segment call waiting by the phone each answer questions for yet. Do you have a Momo waiting kitchen bed time. We expect is an announcer call these soundly too cheery story. The island. I mean I get back in them and how that yet now. Our anger out hey. I we've got drool on the phone to huge rule on. It back at jury shot just because he should go in on a date and now you've kind of been MIA. And we agreed to help amount to try to get any answer to find out what went wrong stuff. Fat days. He looked old in every app I mean he had no water come. Back right on the T. You know an illusion are. LA held on you can't just keep going home run. Polished for a moment drew yet you have one or bad. Yeah and then there's super cool. Well. These have been you or adding edge. Cutting. You CB he had a 1980 my ass divestment Alexis had a lot of men and I've been a month ignited the clothing. Back soon he says the army become magnets each Italian yes he's right don't do it in the late making a comeback I actually just eat them. Sitting there and trying to EU. Just hang out with politicians really uncomfortable. And I think he. By the time I'm done talking to my friends about it and the unemployment is so comfortable he's been trying to continue whatever this. A lot of bad you have honest about that we've seen her. It's kind of weird and funny and I waterbed these days like eBay dot com Blake back to match. Someone else today that I thought it like weird all couples who money in middle school is definitely. A young man. In 201980. Gotta love that most of the ocean. Oh my god is sick and I handled Siri Tigger I don't wanna read. Bryant could have been act alone. Audio and eight seconds I don't I'm not one out and see your friends and it's not too out of it basically. Tell me you and I could well one. I. And got my girl. I'd. I hit you could not continue on I could not beating back a little uttered it. Yeah. Major kind of weird man a whole lot of bat they have to understand that. I don't know it's a reason Allen not date somebody by the and islands in the ninth how yeah that's what girls had to be really really careful with the share with the girlfriends because if you give up too much of racial sent they will be able guy I don't any feel weird for gaining only gaffe B can't allow the wanted to got a lot of and change your love hearing on that what do you think it. And I don't know what to say I mean a big water that the school you know it was a bit. Let's that your performing. In the bed. There. Maybe not what the word about it. Okay. Yeah. Oh.