Waiting by the Phone: He has braces

Monday, October 16th

Would braces be a deal breaker for you? 


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Busloads of knowledge is at a Christian dominated. Hey guys hasn't gone. Tell us about the girl Christie met when now with on a first state. Okay well we met our fumble and we just kind of immediately clicked. Pulling it off really well and I thought that our humor was Helene saint you know we just we just really got along really great. That's hard I think today kind of click. With your humor over dealing out or email or text yes because there's so much you actually can get lost yet throats. It is and you have a lot of really sort of try commerce isn't on there so you know immediately when you have something good going. And I felt like we had that immediate connection. I need shows do you not even do the whole. You know for featuring I think I just after out to dinner at Justine. Is alleged Estrada on the east side. Very familiar line that snakes and snails. And chat and that's what they have they've eaten steaks and snails thanks. I'm sorry I can't nowadays its name. I don't know thumbnails. Yeah yes state streets and I didn't know they had seen me is this yeah. This is an. I realized it or not you got just dean's would you lonesome and let them. Right and so grade you know about doors being the weather was grave and it was the relief I. It anyway I'm really well you know conversation was pretty easy and I just milk and asked for a better day but now sit in which you've. Blowing me off you know what I texture and you know getting it she's busy all the time in. I just don't get it. Well Chris she's given this Juli is number so we're gonna color right now and see if we can get some answers for you okay. Appreciate. Julie Guy. And I hate these shorts for I answer the phone to Booker Alex's share ware with mixed night for seven. To the morning radio show and I'm calling about a segment call waiting by the phone and if you have a couple of minutes would really really like starchy. Yeah. Chris Chris contact investor should you guys went to adjust teams for dinner and a day you guys connected on bumble and he told us that. He really enjoyed his time with you don't buy it since the Dade use kind of gone MIA and he was hoping that we could see if we can find out what went wrong so I hate to put just as well but it was a good day. Yeah I mean everything about the day. Great and it's just. And it doesn't sound really really bad because any. Police say this. Have buried. Okay. They are so great game. They even know that for many of his pictures. Now all that matter. So I think about great and I know I'm I'm well he'd probably Matt and tactics. But it. Do. You think about ninety here. Think in middle school and high school are probably partly prayed that illusion. Awkward and weird and into it I get to look at it turn out I don't I don't know I know that terrible and I. How latent talent it's terrible person who died. Of. Chris serious starting out disallowed misleading photos on your dating sites why did you shown you pictures with you embraces. I mean they're different just still I tend not to really neat. Have a few deep smile in photos. It can be because used to like when your team looked in photos but Julie he's correcting them and that's good right. Yeah I mean I think probably at all critique op and he can make in the outlook treaty by and are now iPad it was. It cotton and. Prize they can not see. So are they are regularly being here that's nothing in the person is on some. That's a good point Al shehhi and Juliet if you said the game was good and the only issue is that he embraces that selling kind of work where. I began. They like to thank you just elect Obama has expect incite ethnic Hotmail tired. And I don't know. Question just like I never kissed anybody in high school or middle schools as applicable poisoning serious movie this kiss anybody with racism what what is that situation that I. How's he had to keep your tongue inside little eyes are ripping us. I have and I want to feel what it was like unite nervously licked her brazen. This is it the satellite and I went back and forth back and forth and it was rough but it was fine. Julie or you think the guy again everything colonial anti Castro. Crude. Well let it brought exactly he the year here. Are your candidate. Really honestly saying out loud I guess you can understand how missing the boat on a really good deal that they're real real life issue here. Gay was gray and over some braces are going to be gone any year that. This like what if his cheaper to sleep breezy jacked up greatly you know every which way gaps in black kid dumb. Now you're really jogger on this seem like we're yeah. He had exactly what you Matta got right that they NASA sweated it calling Ryan he is gonna have a meeting Tina a year or. So. OK okay okay. Look I've moved in and out remove it hopefully you did have that. Does this make you more self conscious about it I don't know how you felt before but it. Of course yeah I've met them and think about it a lot more words are not insecure kissing women such a big deal. Hopefully she came to sort of my personality and you know our connection. That's Canada like Jesus says moves very nice and and maybe when you do kiss Julie were you were retired numbers for races yeah I like Metallica. Don't Mercury however I.