Waiting by the Phone: She froze her eggs

Monday, November 20th

Is a first date too early to share with someone that you froze your eggs?


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LCI Centrino. Then sell it goes did it sucks going out on a good day in the not here for that person so that's where we stepped in and we try to help beyond treated tell us about your day with bail. Guess it was affix to our date and we talk about everything he can thank out on the date. Seriously. You had a day for six out worse. Wow that's a date. Yeah I'd just and I understand I really do it's like who who talked a month or six hours. If someone they don't like united. Yeah all right yeah I mean you're you know pretty early and if you're not gonna want a second day back. Well again because it was the first state had every right to cut out after the first hour wow this is weird. Weird. Well bill as is name and six hour day and then nothing seems like TO strain of some sort of explanation. On to think ideally. Let's call him. There is still sleep from six are different I might. Oh is bill. Speak. We do we yeah do we. Yeah I'm Booker out Alex's hair we do the morning show makes 947 and were calling you first really would you call waiting by the phone. Yeah I. So. Sure he got scurrilous amaze or are you where you get out of hate Centrino. Reach out to us toward total lead the middle party here we don't have any allegiance to any side trichet told us as she had a six Howard K with you and. I mean yeah now lead we had and actually long days and I mean you know do we we never via which we met. At this coffee shop and a you know we just learned about each other and you know there's one of those things where as the day goes on analyst Gloria and you know keep hanging out. Well that's a good sign right. All I mean generally does not that we were hanging out we're talking I was trying to really understanding we covered. Everything I'm religion and politic. Lawrence he stands. See jobs yeah don't normally wanna talk about I was in politics is the first day go. Well look but it. It is so he's views it was a problem. One or any. We we got on the subject of life whether or not want kids eventually and she was like yeah. Froze my eggs and and whatnot but she could sentence with so whenever you're ready I'm good to go. Hold up. US usually isn't she said they she froze her eggs and whenever you're her head he could affect what I'm good to go. Out. Outweighs guess in my project I know. I'm trying to energy schema for say I I also orally geometry is on the phone tree that we've got to talk to you you for real said this. I did and I think school is really an apology I. And actually you. I love that I got out of he did for the comedic value or I don't know it's also Sallie tamraz again and I mean. Any you know yes well could not at all and I'm done it. Well yes. I'm the artists. And I Ed I want to tell them that because that's something I did I mean I think the great thing. Yeah I sure it would bother me but I surely can under Schiller freak out some people. What's a matter milieu don't want kids are what. Well I mean. If not it's not that I don't want kids. And that's why I brought it W as you know to as an orderly you know bigger now which it'll about everything but I'm more above new EP. When it comes to the Caribbean like you know what what you know what was accused in the future I'm like you know. Maybe but she was a definite yet. And not in any rush and she made it sound like we were about to like pay to park at ending don't make because. What else. You know the practice but I'm not trying to make one. Her pain I wrote my egg I mean that the whole point you can do whatever. I didn't mean to put pressure on your ID and just letting you know like you got to worry act nobody at the worry about time. Yeah I don't know she bought all the ingredients side of me that Duncan Hines boxes on the counter whatever you want will be okay. Curry's.