Waiting by the Phone: They met on a plane!!!

Monday, August 21st

They had their first date on a plane...what about a second date?


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Alex is serious issue. And I once knew a girl named she she was adorable is she died or why. Police say he wants you narrow valuable wheels she'd touching where your seasonal watch Dieter hey where is she out all and the like god thin light heavy metal and stuff in my. Literally hung out right. Lie but her soul is dead yeah. I thought I should just flown. The kind of a weird story but hey I need that with traveling to New York couple weeks ago on my way of London and I ended up sitting next to theirs really cute guy. Plain and now we can hit it up they keep people I'll click on the play that. Now singer that great day wit me. Be roomy and I mean the did you lady in the tram bit like when. These times. Now we think that I kept. Ideally we we have impact on the night I thought it was really sweet eight kinda both like first state even. Sort of joked about patent. At night it's a pretty long played so we really got to know each other and I. Really like them didn't it kind of where it took so little beer it's. You can app from my number or anything like you know when you're getting off the plane everything's kinda creepy doll I did. Saw his number on the content his luggage tags and. Oh. The editor around the. And I have like apple one think I have missed an opportunity so I wrote it down and make whether it's gonna item on FaceBook and and go that route. I had my time fighting in the play popped the number in the big spoken. He came out and I I sentiment that stage but when my friend pointed out that unless you're actually fine with the person they might not even a sentence. So I don't know if it got them nothing isn't it than others sounds kind of creepy and weird I can't stop thinking about that guy and I really love. The opportunity to talk to him again. I'm curious she should you had his phone number Whiting aegis column. Well I mean I I Lincoln and I thought that the FaceBook clearly the better way to go to didn't want to admit that I had. Laid number I let it go. Like edge but not like maybe you know you read it if I didn't I'm definitely not gonna have. Bardem or anything. Well let his bug him for it now. I let's give it all and see what he has to say this is just waiting by the phone because normally it's you've gone down on educator toured three and he just disappears in this sense he disappeared at the luggage carousel but they wanna dated third down screen I will hang Alan turing. I. Brian. Ryan. I am glad we got you spoke Alex's hair we do the morning show and makes 947 and were calling for a segment would you call waiting by the phone he had a couple of messy challenge your quick. I know it's kind of weird so this is really cool and I think you're gonna be really excited about this show. Recently you were on a flight to New York. Yeah and I'm well it and then an engine actors yes. Well all match fly it was a girl the EU is a chopper up with me chained. Up out there is a child and this kind of weird so she was like oh my gosh I had such agreed to oh by the it. Shea is on the phone and say hi Jenny. Would respect. Banks and been totally nowadays. Heatley that this is really endearing Shea called this because she. Said that she really had a child a deal and that. Easy credit you know once the plane lands unity every get caught up in the hole I gotta get my bags and get off and whatever and you kind of which is separate ways so she's like hey maybe can help me find him. I totally chickened out in Iowa is late I got out into the terminal and with Blake give her number and analytical turn around them. She just vanished. Sure you're like oh I should've got her number June. Yeah and those so how did you say it. Just down we Chevy guys yeah. All our guys and our experts in that department openly about it gnashing of little information about you we do the wrestling moves up baskets of questions about I. It is you know yeah. Exactly. So abused dog since then about connecting with her. Yeah I think I did well you know her last name eclipse day into the Internet nine that ordered. I'm. That's an object to love slayer and so a bit about yours aren't that. Well or nine if your adjusted to reconnect you wish Jay and maybe going out of Dade we would love to take care of it. I am that you made my day I was I'm not certain about this the entire time I couldn't stand that I let that on got. A yeah. That's. I well I guess now wait to AO report dot boning up I need an amber it's. That's behind.