What are the things you have to run by significant other

Thursday, June 7th

We are all in relationships and discuss what we have to run by our partner. 

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Johnson you know with my wife and I casually part of this comment that took her by surprise us at. Yuck. Head out on low weekend trip to Vegas and she was like way one. And to me is just like undated to a spontaneous trip because I used to live in Vegas and have a lot of friends in Vegas and to pack up the entire family is a big deal and we just got back from vacation and alien nation panel we eighties and like younger kids and he is really plays although I have seen so many strollers in Vegas and too many to count I don't understand but whatever. That's at what point is a casually mentioned spontaneously case with my wife actually while you're gonna take her little or no governments are just gonna go. It's so clear I should think about all the different things that you should or should not. Have to run past your significant other we all have three very unique and different dynamics in our relationships. Although Alex and I are married are situations a little bit different I paired together and on an old. I think I may have a little bit more flexibility in my varies in Alex does he as sort of a bit more the traditional marriage ha yeah and and Sarah is any committed relationship but not mayor rightly been dating seven months so I wanna throw out some things and I want you to use it in your specific situation and as to whether or not this is something. You have to run pasture significant others yeah during a high spontaneous trips is that something that you need to run past your significant other spontaneous is in your gonna go off on a trip somewhere do you need to tell your wife about. Yes eventually the close of the chip you tell us. I mean I would tell him I am I gonna be honest true. A latest we can see my friend just gives at one and now let's take you to not be like you're cool to me going to LA I don't think at this point he needs to give me permission prior right now but he said he would just do well not after response. That's like asking his question and it would attacked the news it's your body it's your choice right. But. If you can really get a tattoo out of the blue though is that gonna have set your partner. 100% my wife would kill me. I would be marrying me ask you if you came home with a tax. Yes and I went with a friend that was on his bachelor party going we went to San Diego and he was in the same situation as me does that Tatis and he got one on his chest but it says her name his argument was well it's your name a man hasn't set. Might she let it slide but me personally outs Frankel would never do that without that's why that's. Usher anomalies in it especially the city of Austin, Texas because not only do we not have any tattoos but we also have no means of getting any ideas so Sarah yeah. Would you discuss that lets just say hypothetically you wanna get attach or would that be a conversation you have with your board for an. So I think there's two types of tattoos I think there's ones that are deeply personal to someone. And the nasty ones where your getting a tattoo and it's art there's nothing personal that I want tattooed on my body back but if I don't get get an art tech Q. Front by him because I would want his opinion an area as far as where you think you look at T think this seeking pisses attracted keeping this is not distractions again you're not seeking permission you're just seeking advice advice and because we're a relationship that he got. I value his opinion when you Brad Booker. I would certainly run a pastor not for approval because she does have some tattoos by just for her advice ser advice and yet you know a major haircuts obviously this does not affect me because embolden. Alex a few more days maybe shave your head or completely shaped your face because you have a full beard AM would that be something that you would run pasture what. See you out at the beard is appeared to some beard like god I. And I would I could shave it off today the guys asked to but don't ask don't want depth but my wife and I shaved my head in my team on my wife and I really but now my wife for come on short Erica you'd be upset like I just got broken up with Erica and then I'm I would be like. Really it did it's what she want. Yet she is give you a heads up so that you can have the appropriate after us I'm not out. Said it best stuff you read that pressure boyfriend if you were to get a major haircut name. Again I would just say that he would have been appropriate via NASA's oldest the Mecca arming Iraq indicted please applied if I just showed up a minute. Assuming it's AC Buick well. Actually around Iraqi agree with the hair color around. But definitely hair color yeah yak it eyewitness who really drastic. I went I'm blonde and then did that I'm black I'm Graham and eatery that it was like in the world. I it does change your total looked on in collecting early this kind of been. It siege at that and it now like having. And on rain on the bottom and not in anymore. Elin acted like a month to prepare so I'll. Sorry about this you've had enough secure job do you quit nudged my job without discussing it with your. Now no way no way. Sarah if I didn't toxin can that would mean that BA super rash decision which would be Smart so. Again I would talk to him because if I thought I was gonna quit I would wanna talk it out with him said make sure I wasn't just quitting over feelings. Brad and he skipped over that very fast of the jobs opportunity would you just take it and not cancel your wife and depends on how much should I how.