What is in Booker, Alex and Sara's medicine cabinet?

Wednesday, March 14th

Booker, Alex and Sara go through their medince cabinets at home and share what is inside. 


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I could we are outlook for Alex is Syrian other always wondered two things here Madison Cavagnoud be Amir embarrassing if made public. Shares one of those people like to snoop through people's cabinets and and if you ever have share overture how she wanna be really careful about what you medicine cabinet because she will find out about it. I have a friend that broke up with her boyfriend because while she was gone. Not only see what it was while she was out of town surely she lives in Vegas. But flew to Houston for the rodeo brand and she was dating a guy who winter medicine cabinet found something that. She and should he should have seen. And anyway long story Sean all gonna be yell at it the Madison Halladay. Days do you curtain that lake serious issue and I got it there should be a lock on it. Shall we had a viable project that we're gonna be honest and open now hoping you guys all were we record and going through the medicine cabinet. And our going to have this lake seriously per that this is that the most invasive we can possibly be I think. I criminal learn the most about you guys and I worked with you. Minor league. Air I just based upon what is it their medicine cabinet Shalit shall we start off we Q this is Alex Franco this weekend. Rummaging through his medicine cabinet off. Just warriors to my wife and I live in an apartment complex and we had his and hers at Madison County is still sort of happen that way in our house that we don't have medicine chemistry of a cabinet. And equivalents and minor ones and my wife's gears of staying at my side it's really a lot of expired medicine and Cologne. I'm candidate here. At twelve and thirteen the court. Again I'm looking at fourteen miles of colonial I. A variety because you wake up doing certain way that day and when an instant medicine expired so I am always big old job just like Claire does that I got Sam's and Costco and those places. And it's been expired since 2015. And here's the thing. I'm still taking him out of it works really congested but I. I think a lot of money warmed everybody's worked the case undertakings by or venison the last Diana did I mean I don't even know it's called but they may be take artichoke bills. That goes out controls are in Spanish sets at the pills are called these bills by the way expired since. Tony fourteen a bright spots and throw that away I enjoyed waxing my body so I have a box of seeing called in and adds its Xbox. I'm a religion and actually have a box of a network to bring his season is just never know when you're gonna wax the random part of your body tell and I have this skydiver grow from those. I'm better. 1000 milligram they're legit but those are like from 2015. At a of this so worked and check this out six travel size somebody else. He's really Thomas denies itself that's a sewing kit I just have taken advantage just never know city of and so are some like that army guy and not last at least. Abbas or expired condoms yes I'm boxes fired condoms from 26 team they probably don't aren't interested in coming there years. So I mean why is everything expired in your medicine cabinet. I don't know you know why I didn't think it was but until going to the I'm not like oh my god it. I have nothing let me say that tossing everything out of it all I have now fourteen miles clone and six so he gets. No way expired pills and condoms through what is shelf life of the condom. I don't I mean I can't tell human when I got them 100 degree sudden I was like four years ago. All right share odds where let's go to your medicine cabinet. My medicine cabinet is not my bathrooms. It's actually in my kitchen had to make junk tour in the same cabinet today storm at least that I do you have Benadryl. B twelve. It's actually really impressive and have a list this CBS allergy health. In the my gloves. And that's about it. That's all a kidnapper scripts and it's funny because instead of being saloon copiers and you've had some shops have been taken and sent so can just. I know and I I even have a thermometer until last week and I was scared I was getting they don't Flynn knows so I had to go by thermometer. I'm nothing like when I get sick it's like. I got nothing more ballots and Brad voters. Wow now I forgot the racial should do this and diet had a few cocktails I don't know I shall I want I didn't realize how about a Shannon but I was pretty drunk. When I recorded this show just forgive me nice. Might it might lively strategic advantage of me last night and got me all Laker now area. Are you hearing goes and you tell you what's my medicine cabinets. The fact that I don't have a medicine cabinet and his camp late is low we're seeing period. And shrinking so. More honest and I. Daily probe around like the first thing I see. Assets due to help with my answer reflux. Do me a little help there's just digest times. Multi vitamin. I have no idea what this is going to tell you without even looking it's a key to go Rula. Which is what I hope it's not bad. T one tablet my mouth every six hours this direction. Where. Google it. Because I have no idea what this sport. Very. We have a little I trophy here we've got Sarah. Next Sierra. Okay. Sherri. Some text analogy allergy drugs. I know could she need those five would you not and then Ford in seventy called text analogy today. What else we have. We have. Steve being thrown bears it's. Well yes really mad and then. Yeah both men. It is an effect it is just. And symbolize as a pay him. I. Take one tablet book came out every six hours is being different anxiety. This even myth than a from band aids how. We have some cold gave us room hydrogen peroxide. My a lot of cool yeah now there's a much as Alex Smith loves to Moscow. So. Then tonight cleaned out her eye view. War and that's what's in my medicine cabinet when she fell irritant and found. Alone. That I did. Hello Larry is this an answer we're. You know when you're drinking and you don't realize Xavier is bad you really are you don't really. Really wow I am definitely not I'm not. Odd guy that's awesome all oh and the main game.