What is the most expensive thing your kid has broken?

Wednesday, July 11th

If you have kids, chances are they broke something expensive. We want to hear from you...what has your kid broken?

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Alex and I live half a mile apart and I pass vice house virtually every single day oftentimes a catch him in its Toms in short shorts eating in the yard or mowing with his Tesla lawnmowers and taking out the trash will shade of the lot of stuff outside while yesterday. I swing by and he is sweeping something up with his garage door open and I asked him what happened in any said I don't wanna talk about it. I'll tell you tomorrow so what happen. So my son is that kid it's always line help and do stuff so in the morning the routine is my wife takes in the daycare so my son he's three and he'll be like opens the door for RG been. And he doesn't know like when to stop when you open the door and hits the ball like all the time at. Dean marks all over. I taught what depart furthest away from the wall apostle because I also have beer me on their and it was something that collide. It's just the stuff that's like that since my apartment back in the day when I was single and I just have to eat and can't let go of these garages is man cave that's ten laps I have so this is the I just want them out life sentences whenever and my son did lining do that because he opened the door so far. The door shattered. The neon the neon busted it's like. You know like a near the ball but it's like gas and they're tech that powers that there's no way of replacing this it's all broken it was all shattered. Well which beer wise and I'll tell if it was worth. It was taken by an old school. Also tells you and I get back in 2000 here's the thing that my wife and told me about a for awhile she was like hey there's a class all over the for each price went up for the kids sat on it. Michael when it does have a word I'm looking at the class important in my. Who dropped what I configured out and that's and like I looked up and only. Oh my god so it's broken. How much you think it's worth its price listening reality or I could not say that ripple up down right if Alex is bachelor heads that it's priceless is a complete accidents I'm just. Broken little or any other time. All I think we're well we're major send break. How big lead you need. A low. All. I tip my you at the time and we went out early in the morning on Black Friday. And where you electronic apartment yeah kind of bored and then he and I know like and that's the way through you done with what I was doing. And I heard this. Thousand behind the actor around. He had not now they have them in the Fox News no doubt there Andy and Spock is he's cracking down on in the law. I'm buying. Oh no. I'm not projected that it locked right on with eighty you know even though in the Iraq. Yeah did you take money out of his allowance that's Stephanie tilted. Asks pat how outlaw yeah I mean we bought out via that the proper forum and and you know we worked out. Yemen north Austin how bad was it. Well my children actually. When they Wear your new lurched out at my great grandmother I'm. Next week in our Ellis Island halt all laid you where we were out at the he got in there and I can't say that it would Arctic are can't bet that if he and getting. Playing time. And deeply embedded in the blatantly. Out I am air live. Like Alex is he about Saturday night priceless I'm whenever. I.