Who are the biggest celebrities that follow you on Twitter?

Monday, March 20th


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I should tell I get mad and I'm a little jealous with my girl breathe on his side Twitter account she is in an I mean this with the utmost respect because I love you running. By two and she's usually regular person race she's not in the spotlight. Not celebrities not totally halo that I she's just in a regular woman she's a non bare thigh or not she's there you guys is an unidentified. Unless a deal with C in the ended entertainment industry let Brad bunker and we do. She's extraordinary right Jed you know the average Joseph I mean she's. Just another person with the Twitter you're saying there's no reason for a famous person following aren't Lady Gaga follows her and Twitter is so he's been out. No little bitty jealousy with me because I'm like I alarm. Lady Gaga real Lady Gaga really unverifiable Lady Gaga and a Michael Adam how Lady Gaga doesn't follow me on Twitter. And then we started this whole thing I'm like OK well let me see my famous people and who follows me on Twitter shall I started looking through my. Verified. Follower I I don't follow me which by the way is Brad bunker left pedophile in Seattle back and forth excellent well. I mean should be I don't know that there is anybody. In my list. Of people that are as good as Lady Gaga like surely as big as lady got MEI. I have some really pretty big names but nobody I think is as big as Lady Gaga and I'll tell you who I had. And there's some good ones that follow me on Twitter. But first I thought to be adjusting if if you end and share I could but I thought about what Walt what big names follow you. On Twitter and Alex. This I first of all Aaron Carter out. Yeah star Wes the fastest cars in south wife calls me and I brought up jumps I don't think he remembers it he wasn't Alegre condition. Nine he absolutely remember how I drugged her before the show at and he said his files we do any said that he's. Go ahead of the good Hewlett what are so he's really you can. Yeah he's exhausted and at the and that's why I was like down these you'll remember he absolutely did he absolutely did Wycliffe Jon or memorabilia that simply line that. There's an hour wind I know how how why this woman Vanilla Ice. I really constant have been 980 B isn't enough mindless dream I'm wrong girl group yeah. I. I'm I. I don't feel you let your eyes and dream are listening and DeVon Negron was always in town I. And I've won him a unleashed a member Jason rapper B dash there. She and he's not really my disease in court where Paul all right. Says drug charge in last year is it tells us about music one of the big ones in which I don't know why but I love them passion pitfalls and there are their verified account one more. And my passion yeah. I mean but not like hard core television show during a self fast sports figures my friend of course Cory Redding got to get him while I like ten long weren't running back Eddie lacy I don't know why don't follows meet John Daly the ball up the golfer Matt I don't. Be sure you're sure a baseball player named Joey bounties step. Who's following me it's probably. That's OK and Alex Steve Franco and Anita Perry Rick Perry's wife follows meanwhile I now. Okay my wife actually worked with her sarcasm and that's why Rick Perry following me not let's get my big hitters Maynard cinema heavy hitters. Sarah Abraham following are important. Audit mutual followed. Our last this is awesome Maria Shriver allow. Saturday. Hawaii and last always which are very proud of on how and why and if she follows you'd been defeated and pretended she only Bosnia alone Ellen DeGeneres yeah. That's a big lie. A bit. Not that if you are and god saw that coming out like does the fake this'll take an and it's a verified boot she files near their true it's. I am pretty impressed us. Are you sure you move follows you on Twitter which I guess parents as Sarah I'll burn. By the way is always DE UR and well guys don't be jealous but one of the guys say it is in the community comedy posse with Vince thigh and a meta met never heard of them know behind me. Well terror. How well one of the guys it's in the BNP hayride not the main girl was one of the Brothers that I don't know. Do you mean bill Carrey he follows me Neil Perry what a guy that Follett Kirsten Neely that wasn't as famous as Carson Daly deport me and Carson Daly Damien JE frontier out. 30 what about this of all the TV networks what's the hottest TV network out there today. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not a math there's my list. Wow man Irish journal of similar ones and follow me that I now there are a lot of celebrities follow me I'm leaving off some on the list but these initial my highlights is on my favors the Texans cheerleaders Charlemagne that's getting. At one Charlie do is follow up. I love this when AN DNC follows up threats though coming up in the mall. That's funny why I have no idea just Timmons from ninety degree. I don't know you guys will care but it's a big win for me because I love love him David Blaine imaging dance club essentially. Unless maybe not Ali maybe it's magic. That's a very good point now it's an illusion. The nursing at Texas along the lines slash New Orleans Saints flag shop Celebrity Apprentice Ricky. How I don't know why she urged Kohl followed. Now surged color urge yet as URG I don't want to drink together drink surge Cole Aldrich Vanilla Ice on a show on like this when. Gabriel legally she has father. Mean you and yet the big deal what. I shot. Energy they all follow me to let her heart and hide. No. Because they feel like we have something to you longer than they follow Leo yeah. Well what about this. This is one of my favorites actually media in my favor because I said Jermaine Gresham Blake Shelton Fuzzy now. Boy I wanted to one. I would consider that near Lady Gaga like you've just really because of the time in the place not just as the country singer but as the voice starts and that's how cool is how he has. For the guy you're gonna like this share probably not so much USC phone's main. Now. Under Kerry Graham also are bounty the quicker picker out there don't write what do you mean about being who he is. Did so damn hash tag clean at some point and finally. This is a pretty big deal on the country music world there are a lot of country artists of volunteer. Com Blige. They just did a song with of The Backstreet Boys Florida Georgia line. Other big together pretty bad. Add your list setting Blake Shelton probably is the of the bloodiest civil usually gets so wildly biggest line. Absolutely he's. I urge you and alt cell. We share the same birthday June the eighteenth blacks are weird just how long. Our studio and volley good. Don't have followers angry because he's good or not.