Who in the Room: Is the most liked?

Wednesday, July 11th

This question might start a fight, but Who in the Room thinks they are the most liked??

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This game to play at home called and who in the room and it's a really fun way to kind of get to know people are see what other people perceived gap. Friends and fairly so we don't play a lot we don't we bring it to the radio it's called cool in the room we already do this yeah. I. Some of these are really really guys who Earl Morton mind singing a song in front of every one and Brad. Booker grabbed a great yeah manager jammed ice inquiring college. But I don't like singing man myself. So I'm the person you know if there's karaoke I have to get the big group and I stand in the back you announcing karaoke by herself hoped that and I don't know. I'm scared to even ask this question because I'm pretty sure I know the answer any cool horrible still be having the most sex and age eighty rat but I don't I can be proud of that. At a that's healthy relation Brett there knowing cool or Rome is the most light. I think Brad hooker you think's going to personality like just New York you're never match even and when you are mad. Views are happy like you show a happy face on time. With all due respect share. I think Alex and are a little bit more personable than Yale like you take awhile to warm up to people get sick you really do you believe that more people like you share TO are well look. Doesn't make there bed in the morning. We'll beat Jones Booker and I don't blow my why that is made every Dan slash I don't make you a mate as you leave it at your place in the bed still out she gets up right when he gets so you make the NB we go to work. There every day necessary he make a bit when he yeah yeah now it gets made maybe once a month when I made conscious. He gets made in any. After I finally go the route has the most confidence. Younger yeah Al you have I don't now and here we're all very very insecure I'm really not now he. You lock your I want to hear remains true about them I have cocky and Obama awesome. I mean I'm I'm I'm. The.