Who in the Room: would steal - was loud as a kid

Thursday, June 7th

We throw out a question and discuss who in the room that question best describes!

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As a game that we they have a lot of fun with it's called cool in the Rome where we bring up topics. We go around asking who in the room is most likely to do this celestial. Nice. Who in the world has ever shoplift did anything from the store as an adult. Who. Who cool. I don't think any of us are Roberts here accidental is still shoplift. Shoplifting shoplifting and I got to tell you I think. Out of care terror I would say Sarah is the one yeah I without clarity here. Like in she doesn't think she's doing it wrong he loves free these key legislation doubles yes so much OK so that's where I shop lifted yeah. And I. Into a market are the books section HEB and just gonna try one animal to Carol walls because they realize god isn't really these elect. In a test of merchandise you down yeah I've definitely tried those. Dude the ball except it's holy sea going through it like this cuper bringing economic distress now just tried before a diet ha what. And didn't you except more money has changed back reselling any didn't Cheney thing. One then though none in some girls accidentally. Then ammonium pension money for bachelor party run Sarah is learning the tea and chocolate that it lululemon that was a 100% an accident I. Act and still is well and that was their faulty hello raped over my arm and cash register nobody noticed it and I walked out of storm it. And return we nailed it appears even ask this question because I know the ball to your team up on yeah play who in the Rome. Is the biggest Nolan all. Oh my job. Why is all blue today though way I mean you are just read today. And it's not that he's the biggest know what all he just always assumes that we don't do them I obvious today. So it'll be like someone robbed my house we'll did you lock the door. I. So dad with fast you know my car doesn't start we'll did you try turning and I look at. No I didn't try to hurting and I wonder was probably allow this to most annoying as a child soon soon. A nice. I need at Booker yeah I think he's. My dad. And nominate myself but I think Booker mainly. I think EU probable he wanted in needed more attention yeah. It was always blow and did the hot DBS in high school here now and you're talent show guys and bad you celebrate novelties that hounded and fluorescent. I'm now old is now ask. Just imagine him. Highlight your background dancers scaled. Area all right so what you do a good though mobile the world as they emerge in the cell that she used to color quality. But you all make a muddies things that go well I hope we writer for me that gather around. Horrible move forward levels though played down Bubba on the ground under deployed ahead as the gunners shelled just let me and should do smiles well Monday was Brad left and a book here I. Yeah. Hug lest you damage. Well early on in my childhood I was very very shy and reserved it was only in later on in the my teenage years and he got annoying that became an. Yeah. I.