Why do guys still catcall?

Wednesday, April 19th

Alex has a friend that was recently catcalled by the Capital. We talk about why this still happens. 


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Alex right this social media opposed to our attention from a friend of his. Who roach just got aggressively cat called wall walking outside the Texas Capitol. In the midst double work conference call driver came out of these staff parking lot. I should not have to mute my shall so colleagues don't cure lewd invites and repeated horn honking. What about my business to rest briefcase or brisk walk comedian think he'd be at all successful all right that's all irrelevant. It really is because kept calling is actually misogyny. Wish I got my license plate but I was too busy ignoring them and being 814. Per fashion all. Good for her. So Alison like ice duke and just really hamper our our people still at calling unbelievable share. Alice and I honestly it's it's something that I don't even notice. Because I can see it out of the corner in my eye when it's about a half then. And I just completely turn my heads the other way to not emitting knowledge it and it is sadly something that sound normal. That it doesn't even make me angry. Because. It happens all the time just blows my mind because. When I see it good looking girl rap I can't a look at in the hot hot dry eye and you know I mean he's. I could not I can't imagine it looking at that person and winking or like licking my legs are like about our mom my car honking and listen all I got. I cannot imagine. Doing that I can't even do it jokingly. He socialite value IA have. Noticed this. It is impossible. To make eye contact with an attractive woman announcing them trying to make eye contact. But I didn't notice this is an issue. Women especially attractive women. Go out all of their what eighth. To avoid eye contact with Geist that's all different phone with my family and then I'm not threatening. Right light but if I bun. Ice shelf. I noticed especially children women. Intentionally. Go. A not to make eye contact with me because I think it's gotten to the point where women feel if they got a contract with a not the guy is gonna perceive it as them being interest it. I meet didn't meet I think the same exact thing I get offended by it. I think that like gosh I was just trying to be nice and white blood wouldn't they have that in their heading rallies and I and I'm just trying to hold the dark are understandably she's saying I do have a good day today it like. Just try to deny. On tax. Don't acknowledge because. I eight don't want to start anything and often and keep large cap kind they're not cap calling themselves. They're cat calling in numbers it's not just one guy it's like two or three guys may be in a car together are the cat calling trio became kind Austria which makes me eat it works. Grind because then you know exactly what it's for but. Why oh why do we have to be a society where. We can't we be friendly with each other like why can't you make eye contact with me why can't I say hi how are you without trying to get in your pants. Because the south. That's a great question nice nursing those three guys then cat call the water to ruin it for the people that are just trying to be nice like rap messed up their do you. The handshake toll immediately think do we want some front. Right he knows what they with a girl version I stuck to burgers bagels yesterday. Early tragic mom is where Wes likes what it all the is really I'm like oh OK I soccer moms. And I was trying to be nice if she was looking everywhere but in my garage. All right you prefaced it by it was a really attractive hot mom would you just told that story if it was just. Like a normal person while I think normal people or less attractive people are more prone to make eye contact because they're seeking nag. That. Gratification that at that time. Except it's you know and I mean that. Why we Booker and I do it convert. Normal looking people we're not the hottest are trying to seek backs up what I am I looking out exactly get acceptance. Yeah so would you have also said hi T. The news or an older one man. Or whoever had walked into the door I'd try to see Heidi and anybody I. I always carry Mintz an iPod control people and I say hi how you deal on him at the amount of people like Manson could affect anything I go to Atlanta. I accept that. That's very nice you know it's very exciting Gehrig is nice to talk to attractive people though you know. How do you do as it gave you why it without looking creepy you give you. Listen I have to have my kids around. Are under your dog or some oh boy we got some calls. Okay we'll get George by what you 6435947. Or text your comment to 51993. Cat calling yeah. It continues next editorial pilots amazed. Started conversation back cat calling after Alice is for imposed is only about how she was in a business cheered it was catch all the outside of the capital they would like. Really. Does this happens and why why do guys do it I never Sheen. The loan. I just don't I don't see any purpose yes it benefited you know it drives women crazy. Bryant case is Susie eighty's or ninety's I'd sign acceptable but in 2017. You do in this any doing it and infants grounds of the tap. Well I think it is disrespect it's completely. And then it's degrading. The right it is really a steady said oh yeah. When minding can accommodate himself should I don't think that's because it never happens yeah I you know that you all the time yet. We got some tax of 51993. I'm an attractive young woman and I have no problem. With people looking directly I have no problem looking people directly in the eye I think there's about self confidence. And a lot this time I'd been this sick from this because guys vin will come up to me. Now let's go on and an IG did this is so true the worst ever is when you're alone or your walking your dog you're isolated cheated truck the other day. Turn around five times on slaughter. Five time. Are they doing due circles just so they can see her yes wow oh my god I don't pretend to take pictures. While Angelina can't believe these people are out there to have a friend who today is out married with children and you know like most guys will come a look like there's that old Alley says you could look at them and you just any right. Differs from the pool just don't take us where we get these. Kind of. Getting did usually well you're getting dirt here under rather light acknowledging. But his thought process was. I won't even law. And another woman because I don't even want to be visually. And did you know I don't wanna be visually stimulated. By the idea of looking and tracked woman because. Then it's only gonna cause bad things happened so he wanting to look attractive woman I. You disagree I mean me I like I am a beautiful right so I think there's nothing wrong with a appreciating a beautiful woman in the early. At least according to Randy there's nothing wrong with cat calling ridge. Each other and care Colin. Absolutely not I mean how little woman though the third and all of suffered you know brought a little. What do so wireless Saturday in south aren't bad but a couple of builder. And you would then it. And I tall and its buildings. Doing you a favor if I can only help build up confidence so I'm supposed to be like oh hey honey I think he's so much and in just like march drama away likable little light blue pair. Let's step yet. Little finished up with a smile on your place absolutely. You expect to happen. Because he not always ask those men who were yell enemy from a car. Okay what you know if we're sitting in a stoplight and you can tell the guy is trying to get my attention to the right Amy lake. They're all their cart raven get spread to get my intense and I turn over her and I say hi in the NY what's the next step in the process really. Yeah and joy the smile that. Put on your face by a dad being nice and union Matt little was aware jester to let you know that you're attractive and all that stuff. So really you're shame that we guys capped call. Not necessarily to hook up it's just a simple pay you look good hunting. Absolutely. Well I mean and it goes from mayor right motives. I'll artists. I cook products scenario for area says is true and I sure are unknown because it guys should listen to us because we're the ones they're doing its CEO and understand that it doesn't make us feel died in makes a steal baton in what way. I don't really there's something lake just because you wanna get our attention were obligated to turn your way in get a cute little smile for your own enjoyment it feels more about a year ago than it does about. This is honestly have feels as a woman. Sarah yeah. Randi sounds they get all country brought a hand what does he is in the bill pick up truck brand new and nice and it looks like Ryan Gosling does it change your way and I mean I mean think about it a niece knows very I mean Randy and women wanna strangle him but sounds very warm NN listen. Cat Colin when you're not a tragedy is awful catch Colin when you all the dragons is sweet. I. Cook but how well in place order. You know I'm telling you if I was cruising around the streets and some girl drove by and haunted me and whistled I would be flied out. I'm sure we're beyond a big balls and got a couple had a clue dude yeah.