Would you do this for your dying Dad?

Tuesday, November 14th

Booker has a friend going through a very interesting dilemma with his father. 


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I don't know if you service issue a sure you have had to watch a loved one someone very very close to you dye. Mound. But it's traumatic K and my friend is dealing with are now with his father. Put simply this message and I and not to be more bad but it's this. Moral dilemma that he's dealing where are you ready address this is insane. My dad is 83 and has terminal illness. The doctor says he can be gone at any time. My daddy is an amazing man will leave behind a legacy of love and all the things that he is done for others. He truly was a model citizen and never even had anything as bad as a parking ticket. So Winnie. Came to me and asked if I would give him some cocaine. I was blown away. Dude this is still unlike camp but he says he is always wanted to see what it was like but never did it because he was illegal. I can't tell if this is being genuine request our a result of his illness. I was hoping he would forget about it but he asks me if I will give him some every time I see him. I told them that I wouldn't even know where to start he said for me to try my best would be thanks enough self. July you're really do this or not it's. I know it's crazy years share it and you're like what the act does encourage our foray we all did this to get our. I'll die at a but I did side pop Franco not. Has a terminal illness I. I'm delegating all in all he's been asking Oksana and the FBI my entire career I would never do it because it was illegal but I would love to try some cocaine. Can you give me some wall to fool. I had a let you lose the key thing that you said prior to that these sad day if you giving your best shot that he can that's all matters. Given your best downhill lie to my father and how might try that I. I don't know any cocaine dealers I would no word yet cocaine. I wouldn't know how much cause what's dad I mean. And I it was a sell him on diet I struck out I'm sorry I tried I drove down to wealth into town and then finally. Oh my guy should this is dying your question your father know this is bizarre I I would tell what is right this. Store I would I would I would try to I'd tell but I tried really hard to find them and I couldn't be because like I couldn't I now know there's too much for me eagle news. Eyeing. And I will go into what about buying and I and advise my top here in Austin where some would you if you had a friend that had some more give it to. And a close friends that haven't had gradually that the post on space and say hey my cocaine friends and X rays and expects. Sarah could. Poll. We thought buzzard would never do that and let my dad yeah that's why he's used words like hypothetical. Who knows too well what people ask for on Friday gas bag you know maybe Bob Osborn wide pot bunkers lead. It has led a very straight narrow life but maybe if they you know when he's about to go he wants to shake things up a little bit. Uncontrolled buying cigarettes. Pick. Well you smoke all know what once a long time ago yet impact and any Alec and I know he used to smoke every once in awhile and he parties not go get a pack and I was I. And gentlemen can I ask. You might. Has there ever met pat I made sure to tell the guy the counter these are not for me loans are now. I don't think I wanted to I mean I'm just lines. You tried your best I mean just cocaine look like Kaminsky. Earlier data Norton this Norton mentos there'll demands Booker do what you tell your friend additional. Op well got a love you early on and others. They see fit I'm not they tell you this is a very private thing IE. I recommended. That. If they really felt that they needed to due dad's. Then maybe they chop up some baby powder. And putting low baggy yeah okay. And doubt way it's it's like the what he called that Cheryl that the bill that are unable to control did that the policy yet and he lets you about now daequan yeah hire you I'm choosing baby powder river. She what are I don't. Hello I'm sure I don't know just something that doesn't give you anything I don't know the cocaine placebos Sarah abide I would shoes. Some thing it. That anyone feeling where you kind of like a town at all okay kind of console I mean I don't know and he covers you see you meet so uncomfortably well. Italians look good but moral of the story witness through as would never do that now. No way and no no way no way we're good lie no I have no problem lines and I'd tried any link. Pot is one thing. As. She.