Would you take a couch if someone died on it?

Thursday, January 11th

Booker is currently trying to decide if he should buy a couch that someone died on. 


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Would you take a free couch if somebody died on that note. And their parents let me explain and show my wife and I decided that we wanna sectional for our house and I was target to a friend of mine about that and she said that her brother is trying to get rid of couch. And it would be kind of exactly what we're looking for a man here's the problem somebody died on who's this somebody I'm not sure but I have a feeling it's a family member. Miss I your family members jailing them right so that's fine but how dead dirty you know how like yeah it was like dead where they killed on the couch. Yeah this is like an elderly is they GAAP. World Bank last days if they they got on the couch then your cool when all of a sudden died but there are murdered on the couch and it's a hole and now it is Alice doesn't take a murdered cap now I don't know how. I've taken a dead cats from Florida when I moved. Austin, Texas I lived on the right east Riverside and Allison and Barbara problems I'm quicker sham and all torts and that was like that. In a state sale going on right across the street and we did exactly like you got to remember either Phil and I even Turkey's actions blaze which was odd it was a sofa sleeper so is really really have these targets are your body might as wells Benz I. Just an added though exact Grassley questions never I never slept editor Joseph learned I've thought about it but my other buddy was laid all down whatever it is a nice couch like when you may be given. I have a hard rule to takings off the street in New York City late furniture I will take things off the street and not stay and if it's hard furniture that I can Clorox wipe it down I'm good. But anything that things can soak in too in just hold. Couches and mattresses. They are not coming into my house did whether burger no I think it's like gotta fight bird up. So what does this move we're soft couches that's exactly what I want. Forget the Simonyi indicted on it you just want to couch that somebody else's stuff is so didn't you yeah. Yes normally I would say no I'll buy it I would have Z you're has come over and they were completely clean it all Bryce I've already thought about this I haven't brand new right can you legally it's fragile Embree and you lose smell clean again. For breezy down but it's a remain ever go into early huh. This is for the living your bow anyway. Move the couch is curly earlier room upstairs because we need a sexual downstairs for a living here. Are you saving 5000. Plus dollars on fed couch why are you leaving consider this because you're such a German folk right but it's very similar to this casually follow along with the Restoration Hardware which is very expensive January directory and I. It's awesome but he won't kill you in big department bloating don't I.