Would you take a pay cut to save a friend's job?

Wednesday, September 13th

This is the dilemma that Alex's friend is facing this week. We go around the room and share what we would do. 


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We're gonna take a pig tie to him if it meant saving the jobs. Among fellow employees and. Exactly what is going on with a good friend of mine in the company that he started working with. He wears her company us I cannot tell the name of the company but I suspect it's started kind of coming and it has tons of like powerful companies that work with it. Like it's a little it they've worked in the tech field commanders of the securities and their clients are like powerful companies so this company's going nowhere but here's the thing though they have to trim down. Claiming the company's going over well well they're gonna clowns that don't last forever and Canada this successfully they're going to and soccer guys rate. But like all stars they're going to be great is tied to exit yes it's it's it's it's I'm so they started off and they were a little too bigs they have a team of twelve people they have. Three higher seen others you know there's president voters Amanda but then there's nine essential employees they say OK and I say the word essential because in order to my friend was on the story. There's they were essential but they're happily go one home okay someone I'm not so essential but. This one has tons of accounts as well in this first is doing pretty well really get actually but the company just can't afford it right now with what's going on they have to trim down. Now the CEO of the company didn't. This blew me awake I'd never really heard of this but I would hate to be in the situation the CEO the company told my friend and were the crew than the than nine of these people said. Hey you all know this is gonna happen we have to let one of you go and it's not by your performance but it's just about the company thank. But it's Chile's. What viewers are RT one person on the chopping leg. They said in the group one of them there and I and they know who it is OK so they know who the person has but everywhere if there was like I got bingo game I like these are all. But they basically just in Latin person and at first but they talk the person marry the person is all right with that they understand it but that's where the CEO went togethers and said that hey. If you guys get together and happy arsenal Mike doesn't violate the CEO is very cool are being very coalition between employees Grasso said didn't you guys can get together if you want to save the employee basically. Come the mean by Friday and let me know. How we could save amenity idea would be do you guys taking a pay cut the night and as eight of you guys seem to take it to save the ninth. So equal up there pay for the annually nonsense let's try it so much at last my friend about the that the company said today that nine of them make between 195000. Dollar interest on your show between 7525000. OK I. But they have to trim one and it's and it and it and the reason why this fluctuates a pay its 'cause it's the kind of like day after. It's a base salary thing that within San as a means is all right born styling to match here I am pretty good at this things would like you do the math what it boils down to is that they have the CEO of the company asked the employees. To take a about 101000 dollar pit boxes are you mad about oh you have oh yeah. Here al-Qaeda had. Shell if it people are making this between Shelly 525000. I'm just gives you the average unit averaged 400000 dollars at. Paper I'm gonna go and Nigeria. Some a list are all over again can't said he got a 100000 dollars agers. Average salary hanging around to get those three top dogs out of the equation just gonna go and now Carrick. Then doing my math correctly that would mean that each one of those nine people on an average salary of a 100000 dollars would have to give up 111111. Dollars okay a year twice this year and to save that one person. He's basically. About a thousand dollars a month writes out a year monthly putts and don't forget everything you do the math again how. Likely 900 some bucks I. All Amish girl over here so. Let's see here in fifty got a 111000 are 101 I'm OK so a shot. I don't buy twelve okay that would. 925. Dollars and 92 cents at ten K says yeah did I learn eyes his right when you senate members. And I young excuse me to my eye he's just roll out loud at 925. Dollars so the month of day care so. Oh that question as a mean I haven't talked to him Oudin has I would go big so I don't tell I don't. Unlike 925 dollar toll good like a month and day care now. I personally set time on Friday to meet my friend for happy hour to ask him do what happens because they're making decision before Lawrence Simon Friday morning and they're basically it's the group employs going out tomorrow night's talk about it to save the lives of I had any in essential employee and I got to find out about this so that got me thinking in this room. Headed this jury. You can't. Animus decision right because in any way you can go to work the next day wonders insane I wanted to read write in to immunize none of the incidents you said he is an essential or she is innocent outsource and it's a small company. Do they have like these awesome stock options in Amy well as person well this person is to help elevate them to the next while. Lawyers and jail the rest indicative this one employee leaves the other rates. Have been ass says do a lot of extra work. Meaning this is a game changer meaning that they can be working a lot more hours. Including whatever it takes a basically cover for that person. So so you're going to use either word this same amount and take a page kite fig Knick game Kate yeah 111000 dollar limit and do the math and their. After that or any other owners I know. The Erie annual pay cut. All art you keep the same amount of money but it worked a lot more already know exactly down. Oh you honest and that was the question guys act. I'm beating me up and I wanna know in this room like if this was us like a looks let me SE book and Sara first if you're in the situation of the Japanese what would you do that also glassy eyes of in this room in a lot of us had delight on Tuesday and analysts had believed in -- -- cover for would you do it why would you step up like his company did. That's the last question W I I know my hands it is of this. Ladies first. Yeah guys there is one thing if you are a multi millionaire and you are asked to take a pay cut. The thing if you're making 75000 dollars a year in you're asked to take a thousand dollar a month pay cut ruled that I mean a win a month pay cut the math students at the start a 100000 he's an average right you said some people at this price is 75000. Dollars so. If you're me asking somebody to make a significant. You know. Hey pat I need. You not be able to pay your pills and you've got to work I'm not I feel that I had planned. A lot so lonely I wouldn't be able to do it okay I'm a single person I can't pay out a hole and you could. Couldn't do it as a single person and you don't have kids and you know she's saying I stay here one person she and have a husband helper with the bill until you can't scrape by eleven Austin, Texas a semifinal grand a year are noticing taking away a thousand dollars a month okay so cities created by I would making six. I unfortunately were not his alone and not let me terrible horrible let me explain I would feel really really bad. Play Sarah hill I hit hit and armor she said that's a month to date cash. Because it's yamana 92 grand a month in nine for daycare would too would do little kid I can't show. Yes that's a lot of money in your so here's what I would get pulled into Zelaya out of your mind. Note and I would do what. Where I could to help that person get another consulate but that's stupid idea diverts energy to save it Democrats that's just need to get. You know I would say but that's not a thing now I want to. I would feel really really have a negative Stanley defeat they did not smile I thought what if I was single and I have kids I would do what I think. All along on blood but Sarah Osborn when you. Julia if you ask me to take it to 3400. Dollar pay cut a month yes but about a thousand dollar pay cut I just. Cigna that's huge I was. By myself I think I would do it I really believe I would do it but I've got a feeling now dad just Shia but it may appeal comes first down. But I would do it. I don't want members and have a famine I pay that 2000 dollars a month for daycare too but here's a deal this is why we're doing guys is why do because I am a firm believer that everything happens. Everything happens for a reason and it'll come back. And take care mess bigger and better in the end and I think this story like this I'm gonna tell you right now this company Austin if this group Bev niner eight decides and that its AdSense or go to bat for their support fellow employee and keep their job. They will be making national news so when you get publicized like that for something good did you do it'll reward you in the N and other publish your bad and at all that's awesome. And if it's a client based company you're a lot of work this client so the revenue and these basically the profit will be coming in from these big people want to do business with the companies a little bit of the old fix itself in the end. And that's a big long term budget. Again it is it is a start company announced arsons 5050 Akins is crash within a year and your screen to lose out on that. But I would help this person out I guess the question Booker and Sarah did Isner impressed but I wanna go Lara and how I doubted ads and ads out and save us and around. You would help disburse now would you be bringing your baby to work every day. The only point there and.