Is yoga REALLY a workout?

Friday, February 17th

We have a listener who ACTUALLY called in to tell us that he thinks yoga isn't a workout!  CRAZY thing is this came up cause he told that to his girlfriend!


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Easy if you have. I've heard Johnny yoga the Andy you're going to be a chatting Theo Connor has to say con where what's cavalier girlfriend. Well my girlfriend isn't saying. That she she's going to go work out which I think is awesome like and a fitness you know and I found out that what she's been doing she's single and yoga which. I personally think is about to be acts. Like Gil days is not working out. I had I think you'll be just like stretching. For. And all that the congress I've never done yoga I've washed his attack and I've done a couple of poses its usual difficult to me out Sarah is a avid yoga error while. Here I don't need I mean I'm a one India I I go I can your test my toes south. And Gary mutes my quote practice I think is a guide but it is a workout I mean it really is an especially London joke of places like I go to court power. They offer classes where it's like partly boot camp partly yoga and let me tell you deed cools. You walk into yoga studio you are swimming in sweat you can't walk without staff being a puddle of someone sweat and guy is especially at his lake. Water is the. Pouring wash your body that's why won't do it faster go to yoga for that reason it is really. This dusty ask you even shower and human you don't know but you don't know I've seen interior is everybody all Garros and everything out and. That doesn't mean you have to be kicking your knees and doing high kicks plague it can also be holding a pose. A really hard position and where you're a one Jing and nearly two courting your body in weird ways and holding it for two minutes that's hard. Have been down this road more rounds the the this site as there is NASCAR a sport and not us. I like NASCAR I was satisfied with people and I'm like I didn't like I genital and he uses slightly as your whole honesty and we wanted to point you know that means you have to be like there's a jump into tonight takes. Stretching growth means that the spore. Is it hard for me to tell us. It's and strap on the NASCAR they do you lose like quite a bit away eyes sending no noise they're just mentioned stimulus. And make it. Hey work out. Assurance Jim focal all right John hold opposing yes OK of course you sweat because you're straining yourself but is that a word out. What's the definition of a work out what your definition of a workout Connor. I would think it's about. You know building. Like continuing like building muscle and strengthening our premier thinks it's just like extended stretching its more meditation. So loudly about it to work out. Okay what about all the girls who are working on their hand stands in your back that's really hard you try to just holding hands seemed for two minutes that takes to rain. Your building stir rain you're sweating your training your body as so worked out I. Entire kind of like c.'s girls and guys going in the Odyssey is there SA cola and add a nab Matt basically and you things like others in your lay down and ask you had a friend that has said that a sore likes watching and it looks like your eggs is gonna yourself. Yeah outer have you told your girlfriend these think young guy is not a work out. Yeah see yeah so I had C doesn't agree mean. Heidi I was sort wanted to see what you guys are thinking and. Sarah yeah I mean it's absolutely a workout yoga yeah and this is not by you should have because you pick your battles and our battles you take an end of the day it don't matter. That battle to have a radio with her listening right now Alex yoga workout yes yes yes because NASCAR's more. I'm I'm I'm.