You Laugh You Lose 7-20

Friday, July 20th

Booker, Alex and Sara tell #DadJokes and the first to laugh...loses!!!

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You already illegal and I'm ready if you're on FaceBook right now log on to mix 947. Mix 94 point seven. And we're going FaceBook live right now for. Our game called you laugh you lose the she's always. Always a good time. It's very simple each one of us is gonna prepare with Joseph yeah. Actually. All bulls try to get other people to lap. And it snicker now snicker counts. A chuckle. That count count count and I get to just pie is the currently only takes some minutes to warm up. Have a feeling I have a feeling today we get shell or these are my jokes are so damn it. Hagel Kerry can we had a clear series area because she is a page. On excuse me I had night green powder. I had some tea coffee and water. Any beverages apparently overheard his own thing and by the way if you log in can be a senator John ticket seat it's gonna land him that's awesome they got. And we got Burnett I I really doubt strikeout. My starting climbing I can serve AS server and what are chicken coops. I'm Terry Marty's turn off and then why chicken could only have two dorks. I don't know because of they had four they would be chicken sedans. What do you call. It when that man's skips church. Let Christian Bale. Pretty good cake ice it sells high. They say the trees are whistling for the dogs. These are whistling that they can PM and feel relieved. Gotcha I it took a while I got a good that's it that's it goes off and he really get I get it when yeah. But there. UPS were walking down the street. One was assaulted. Alex open penis. Oh Alex all of us laugh and I still laugh it's. Out I pushed back. Because I was really really dead thanked those really really get. But they're this man Booker but of what he what went on planet she has played poker in the jungle. Why don't she goes late poker in the jungle. I don't use late in the jungle. And there are cheaters. And hey it so I. Andre isn't how high the birds accused pot holders to pull the warmth out of the ground. And I can't say Thomas you're. Did you find out jokes dot com guide to the degree SN and hot the birds have these little title holders to pull their meals out there so hot they got to tell you sort of calendar factoring. And I got fired because they took a couple of days off. It's so. Since they couldn't. I decided that but it's so funny because. Pounder factory Yankee days out you can take it. Gotcha brag and I figured I Terry. Unsettling this one. Yeah yeah it's so high how hot is my inside dog chasing a cat near vote blocking. Sara and these are the dumbest jokes and burn you being serious. Cutting me holy water half you boil the hell out of it. I'm also fired at Iowa night and day here it okay got elected the BD and attack. Kind of takes up his yellow jacket. Outside and I'm not the game but I you redeem yourself in. I'll bet that's pretty funny e-book or any difference and he handles. And then he looked. Like that's that's where he had to know the yellow jackets. I think during the that was mostly last night yeah I woke up exhausted. Yet. Look here at what he called the Robin Williams movie about a high Californian summer haven't eaten it at. And on on this is drought tired he really. What do Dorsey ask your troops here play. And I giddy up on hate Wear shirts on summer vacation. Ends. Adam Kennedy and. What in the vampire Chad Taylor Swift time. She had bad blood. Hey let McCain get the beach they are hot Summers day around and didn't. It. Putting prisoners used to call each other. Cell phones. I didn't need to use some scary. My advantage use sunscreen yeah. They peel. You're hot theme that you during the day it's since its. It's summer ged and since summer and it's hot outside got I don't have a theme. Mean. Tonne at cyber juncture cold as ice they download get a sandwich and obviously team on this Don. From my joke a lot of LA yeah well have one more to say so a pair you'll have one more. And they won one so what if he doesn't. Well I've seen aren't bullies in his lap and get it is on us laugh and joke I can sing in my view on. How about some shoes from a drug dealer who. I don't know it laced with knowledge tripping all day. Hey look so I. Is that a bottle opener grant him before I got home it was tough. Yeah. 'cause like you laughed at that she blasted Jen love your age it Alex you're judged East Asia as you like it and now. Bottle of that red and black now. Both are completely. We go on for days but based on the jokes and -- got to give it to me on the Internet I get all the while I mean you can't go on forever and that. That he gets to go back and forth Sara OK but you have one more joke left the best joke the today was not eat. Not no it was pretty good. What you have you you have one and judge admired so I can't no one annual owners I I see him right golfers carry an X appears stocks. Why do golfers here at soccer socks on keeping it on line. Jones or all night I. Has line guy before but harass us that this is poker better last tankers won this by the way thank you wanted by far because you're in a chips. What he called Beason produce milk. Clay and on Richards say if we called. At produced. Milk. I don't know movies. I want to get us yeah I don't sit. Hello can you fourteen year old being wanted to get their shallow magnitude at a loss in man that that would prove that you did duties yeah exactly. Morning clear galaxy here I think Sarah elderly yeah. Its.