You Laugh You Lose: Thanksgiving edition

Tuesday, November 21st

Booker, Alex and Sara tell jokes to see who laughs first!


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Mario we live we live how they space. Littler. Argo and yes we are alive IR eighty you love you'll. This Thanksgiving edition is happening Peru right now. How many Thanksgiving jokes you think there are leaving we're dealing overlap well probably. That's why I Q a with some Christmas jokes to in okay I was trying to answer question with Turkey gently company. Think now these folks are there Turkey for Canada right now and again. She jokes you reel off funny it into its share dissent. And here's the way you laugh you lose works were to go or other we're gonna start up that Alex Ellis is gonna tell a joke. And then followed by Sara followed by myself we'll continue to go around. Until someone sneakers. Or laps catch that happens there out until last person stands you can watch just. On FaceBook live right now so if you're at your computer or you have your phone handy log onto mix 947 and watch us on FaceBook blog there and out laughter lives. A thin ice we know what's up at eureka which. You look fantastic governor you feel is strength what you started stuff why did the police arrest a Turkey. Now now what I suspected foul play and. What does Miley Cyrus seat for Thanksgiving. Gotten to where he. I'm gonna. Two game yep she works we're seeing what is it Turkey's favorite dessert whom when. Peach cobbler. Should do well yeah. Cool and. Zero that made me laugh it was his serial spaces like bunker kind of like moving his lips. Zuma says Steven and you want to lap. Oh my god can I get a Mulligan will read it well then I'll say anything. It's called me last feeling sorry but poster jokes and our FaceBook and oh my gosh he's there yes Kim what sound as a space Turkey make. And on Hubble Hubble Hubble. Let me. That's even thought I hope all those gun and a satellite that they. It's funny widely seen as little helper depressed why because he had low Alfred Steve. What did the Turkey sees the computer. Gulu Google Google. That's not funny guy and I'm. Which is limping Turkey make let them wobble wobble. Here. Lighted Turkey played drums in his hands. As the party had that drums stakes. Yeah. I said what. Pretty outstanding jokes today cub yeah hubble's main lab and the drugs in this case. Humble and a couple horrible horrible horrible horrible little candidates let's forget the Hubble let's go back to the drumstick that was our segment. Anti negro. Really yes hey Alex lighted pilgrims and it sailed to America and the spring I don't know I could April showers bring may flowers. I have. I may. Not luck there olives olive him all of the other reindeer. Booker we're talking Thanksgiving now. Yeah now he's joked you hand I had Barnes airs on our role here I want an era excellent credit card of the pilgrim drive. And around a plan to cut the crap out. There's no plan at all they really nice aren't I got this. We call it Turkey on the day after Thanksgiving bullet dead lucky. I'm paying excess. Your guy okay you guys both letters to a. Why we want to let your mind you know they're not sunny. Marathon easy Christmas ones we're doing Thanksgiving thing dad Dyson was gonna do some Christmas elementary literally doesn't you know what you would have given Sara nice so. Much crap and we what is it we're -- -- I mean I just about for the Turkey is this with their mailman and you couldn't find a warrant I got let me give me just let me just end with one more okay. What are the Turkey ceded the Turkey hunter on Thanksgiving Day stuck. In my clock. Because he's trying to be a chick and turning up. Aaron don't shoot me on the dot Sarah yeah why can't take it targeted church why they use foul anger and oh my god.