April Fool's Day

Our favorite April Fool's Day Prank

April Fool's Day 2019 has come and gone. Did you make it out without getting tricked? Sadly, the people in this office can't say the same...but this is a GREAT one! I'm totally stealing this for next year... Look at this office April Fools joke. pic.twitter.com/T1mFadL4IG — Mr. Xavier, you heathen...
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Trending April Fool's Day Pranks & Poll

Happy April Fool's Day! Since I'm more on the Gullible side, I tend to get pranked way more than doing any pranking. I wish all my Gullible Friends the best today! Those who are the Pranksters ... have fun, but not too much. Never know how much Fun Karma could have in the future. Keeping the Pranks...
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Do Not Touch or Inhale?!!!

Update Friday 3/30/18: Here's something to look forward too as 'Heavenly Palace' is falling towards Earth even though they can't predict exactly where & when keep this in mind... Happy Easter Weekend.. " ...scientists say it's extremely unlikely to hit people, the station may contain a toxic,...
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