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Cool Thingies still doable in ATX . Includes Alamo Drafthouse location open with New House Rules

Doable thingies in ATX to have fun while sticking with COVID-19 precautions of social distancing, wearing a mask, washing your hands ...
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ATX S. Congress

Ways to Give Back to our Neighbors in Austin

Free Fun in Austin has ways to help the community of ATX within the comforts of Home.
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Cookie Crumbl

Social Distancing with these Cookies Can Rock!

New yummy cookie treat to try in the SW ATX area ... Cookie Crumbl!
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Remembering Austin in 1987

Remembering Austin in 1987! North vs South! Winner is...
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What was your highlight of the last weekend of Summer! Here's Rudy's

Finding out what was the highlight of Mix friends last weekend of Summer. Rudy shares his.
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Rudy vs The Vacuum Cleaner!

#PurePuppyPowe r continues w/ Rudy & his introduction to the vacuum. Win, Loss or Draw ... what do you think? d
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Cool off w/ a Watermelon Slushie

Happy HOT Hump Day! Perfect day for kickin' up the Keepin' Cool Drinks to another level. Watermelon Slushies fit! Slushies keep you cool, and if you drink them too fast, they can give you a brainfreeze even in the heat. Beware of laughing while drinking a slushie. It can come out your nose. I...
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Scout & his Furbaby Crew are Waiting for You at the Austin Humane Society

Scout, Preston, Lamb & their furbaby friends at the Austin Humane Society are ready to stay cool in their furever home w/ you. Chilling for the Summer in Central Texas can happen w/ lots of Furbaby Love attached to it. Perfect addition to your family. Come say hey! #SpreadtheWord #...
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Don't Let Chill Rudy Fool You!

Saturday, honey Ted & I celebrated 1 week w/ our new addition to our family ... Rudy . Formerly Night at Austin Pets Alive! He also turned 5 months-old on July 4th. It was a big holiday weekend for Rudy. Each day as he gets more comfortable w/ us, he tests the boundaries. Especially when it...
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Some Local Animal Shelters are having FREE ADOPTIONS this weekend!

The Austin Animal Cente r had to go into emergency mode after several weeks of taking in a high number of furbabies. This has left AAC w/ zero available kennels. Austin Pets Alive! & Austin Humane Society is taking their overflow, which is causing them to fill up too. This weekend all 3...
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