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How Photography is raising Climate Change Awareness

The #EverydayClimateChange Instagram feed showcases the work of photographers from six continents. Helping to raise awareness about Climate Change through Powerful Photos of our Earth in realtime.
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Catch an Austinite on Food Network's Outrageous Pumpkins

Look out for ATX's Griffon Ramsey carving out a place in the Outrageous Pumpkin Challenge on the Food Network Sunday's at 8pm.
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The 20 most haunted states in America

The top 20 most haunted states in America list came out. Texas came out on top of the Haunts.
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Anthem created by local artists to inspire & unite ATX

Walk with Me Austin is an anthem created by local artists to inspire and unite the city of Austin. Bringing hope to the community while addressing social and racial injustice, civil unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic. Proceeds go to HAAM!
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Ann @ Austin Humane Society September 2020

Celebrate Fall with Ann & friends!

Terry & Ann are ready to start #Fall in a furever home with you. Make an adoption appointment today.
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A solution for stopping Cheetle fingers

A solution for Cheetle fingers, because finger licking is not an option. Snacky snack time figure guards!
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Quick'n easy feelin' Fall cheesy meals

Quick 'n easy cheesy meals with yummy newbies to try this Fall Y'all!
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Austin Humane Society  September 2020

AHS pet food pantry event. Sign up for December waitlist date.

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a struggle for many in our community – animals and people. Austin Humane Society is holding another Pet Food Pantry Event to help with feeding Austin's furbabies, and help relieve some of the family stress.
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Fall foliage US map predicts the changing of the leaves

The annual Fall fiolage prediction map of the changing of the leaves is out. Fall lovers can plan where to hit the road for capturing beautiful Mama Nature moments.
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Brushes with Cancer Austin live virtual experience

Brushes with Cancer matches artists with individuals touched by cancer (inspirations). The virtual experience will be like nothing ever experienced before on October 25. An an evening of survivorship, hope and inspiration. All of the art proceeds benefits the mission and work of Twist Out Cancer.
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