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Job opening with an office with a view and plenty of beer!

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold has a Chief Exploration Officer position open that pays $50K to go to National Parks with a plus 1. September 30 is the deadline to apply.
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Best non-toxic hand sanitizers that kill Coronavirus

Six of the best non-toxic hand sanitizers that kill Coronavirus with ingredients that are safe. #1Thing
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New candy site helping to make Halloween as safe as possible

Hershey's new site is helping to Keep Halloween as safe as possible. #HalloweenWeveNeverSeen #MakeItSafe #KeepItFun
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Making bread in a bag

Bread in a Bag recipe from Delish. Kiddo friendly baking. Word is it's delicious!
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Lenny @ Austin Humane Society September 2020

Lenny & friends are ready to go home with you!

Lenny & Bonnie are ready to celebrate all that Fall fun brings to a furever home. Make an adoption appointment today.
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Where you can get a COVID-19 test in ATX

An indepth list of places to get tested for COVID-19 in the Austin area. Thanks to DO512.
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Plogging for ATX and the Planet

1st Virtual TrashDash Plog happens September 20. #PickUpandRun #PloggingforthePlanet #KeepAustinBeautiful #1Thing
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Joe Austin Humane Society September 2020

Joe & friends are ready for You!

Joe & Bernice are ready to wrap up Summer and kick off Fall in a furever home with you. Make an adoption appointment today.
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Would you pay $300 for the Baby Grinch Doll?

The Baby Grinch Doll is blowing up on social media. Orders are being taken on Etsy. Would you pay $300 for one?
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19th Anniversary of September 11th Tribute in Light will Shine Again! Do a Good Deed!

COVID-19 is not stopping the September 11th Tribute in Light. On the night of September11th the two beloved beams will shine again. They will be powered by the Will of the Community. Never Forget! 11 Good Deeds for 9/11!
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