Courteney Cox shares funny pic of microbladed eyebrows, but her famous friends get the last laugh

Courteney Cox went browsing for likes on social media. Courteney Cox went browsing for likes on social media. The “Friends” alum shared a selfie in the midst of her beauty regimen and the humorous pic got the attention of many of her celebrity pals.
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There's a New 'Friends' Makeup Collection That Throws it Back to the '90s

The one with all the eyeshadows! Revolution Beauty is giving you the tools to recreate the beauty looks of Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay, and Monica Geller. And they’re all under $30! Check them out now.
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Sally Hansen Launches New Sour Patch Kids Nail Polish Collection for Halloween

Sally Hansen has a new treat just in time for Halloween. The beauty brand has unveiled a new line of nail polish in collaboration with Sour Patch Kids candy.
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JoJo Siwa Ditches Glitter and Bows in Stunning Makeover From James Charles

JoJo Siwa loves playing with her look, but there’s not a bow or glitter in sight in her latest makeover. See her transformation after getting a glam makeover from YouTube beauty blogger James Charles now!
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Let Mama Nature soothe your soul ... Watch this...

A reminder of the Beauty in the World, and letting it soothe the soul.
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Christmas Tree Hat

Christmas Tree Hair is Popping Up Everywhere! See it Rockin' here in Central Texas!

Since 2016 Christmas Tree Hair has been trending bigger & bigger each year. It's a Holiday Hair trend that could become a tradition in the coming years...
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A Texas native has ties to Lady Gaga's new cosmetic line.

Update Monday 7/22: Big You Rocks to Fish Fiorucci, a model from Brownsville, TX, who can be seen in Lady Gaga's cosmetic line's add campaign for Haus Laboritories. Fish's story here. Check out the campaign below. __________________________ Amazon has been bringin' the starpower for their #...
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Big Thanks to my Girl Alex!

It's National #BeauticiansDay / Stylists/Cosmetologists . The peeps that make you Look & Feel Fabulous . Be sure to Show Love for the person who does this for you ... My girl Alex has been doing my PITA (Pain In The A##) hair for almost a decade. Alex isn't just an Angel of Beauty & Style...
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Colorful Warm Weather Hair Trend

Lots of color is trending even harder when it comes to hair. #HolographicHair is becoming huge when it comes to having a HUGE POP of COLORS in your hair. Would you do this? I would have fun w/ it, but the color wouldn't stay in my hair for very long. I have to wash my hair, and not in cold water. I...
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What is this?

Here's what it is ... click here! #HappySpring
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