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Job opening with an office with a view and plenty of beer!

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold has a Chief Exploration Officer position open that pays $50K to go to National Parks with a plus 1. September 30 is the deadline to apply.
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Cheers to Corona's Edible 6-Pack Rings

Cheers to Corona and their Edible Rings of Life!
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Mr. and Mrs.Jonas share a Paris wedding photo. Plus a bonus photo of another Joe Love..

During the 4th of July Weekend, Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner had a traditional (2nd) wedding in Paris! (1st wedding refresh in Vegas) Here's a photo Joe tweeted ... so Sweet... SHARE A WEDDING / OR A FAVORITE PHOTO W/ YOUR HONEY HERE! Joe & his bros are also Coors Light Lovers, so of course a...
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A Big Game Changer for Breakfast ... or whatever time of the day !

Smartmouth Brewing Company in Norfolk, VA area has put a beer twist on a popular cereal. It's getting a whole lot of social media Love! The big question of the day ... WOULD YOU DRINK IT? #LuckyCharmsBeer honey Ted (RaidersAustin) has a good question that makes me wonder about the Lucky Charms...
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A Pancake Flashback in honor of the day

Happy Pancake Day! Pancakes are good whenever.. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.. Snack! Breakfast for dinner happens in my home w/ honey Ted & Huey a lot. . It was waffles last night. Here's a flashback pancake we made together that turned out really yummy.
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Are These the Ten Best Beers in the World?

What's the best beer in the world? Guinness is, according to more than 10,000 people who voted online. The poll allowed voters to submit any beer of their choice, so keep that in mind.
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