New Survey is out Showing Teens Favorite Restaurant is Chick-fil-A & lots more

A recent study / survey ' Taking Stock with Teens' was done by Piper Jaffray. Finding out what 8000 teens at the average age of 16- years-old enjoy eating, hanging out, buying, brands... See if their favs are favs w/ you & your family. It might help us understand the teenage mind more, if it's...
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Eco-Friendly Fashion Forward Brands to Shop

There is such a thing as #1THING Fabulous Fashion Shopping . Here are 5 brands that show they have Mama Earth in mind while keeping you Fashion Fabulous! 5 Eco-Friendly Fabulous Fashion Forward Brands: H&M Conscious Collection : organic linen, cotton and silk... TENCEL .. recycled polyester are...
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