Breyers CarbSmart

A Yummy Way to Stay Cool in ATX! More Sweet Moments Coming!

During the weekend , when I was on a Grocery Shopping Date Night w/ honey Ted more than one Breyers CarbSmart treat jumped in our cart. Getting $1 off 48 oz tubs at our neighborhood H-E-B , made it an extra Yummy Special. Low on Carbs, but not on Taste .. Vanilla ... Chocolate ... & newbie...
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A Sweet Moment during Movie Night at Home

honey Ted & I found a Yummy way to Stay Cool! Dropping by the freezer that has been stocked up from our Grocery Shopping Date Night. Grab a couple of tubs & spoons. A Sweet Yummy Moment happens during Movie Night at home. Thanks to Breyers CarbSmart! Now through 6/18 get $1 off Breyers...
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Look for this Sweet Yummy Deal!

Heads up on a yummy deal for a Breyers CarbSmart! Get $1 off a 48oz tub at your neighborhood H-E-B until June 18th! Here's a Breyer's CarbSmart Moment honey Ted & I had w/ more to come... Look what we discovered during a #GroceryShoppingDateNight ! Breyers CarbSmart ... Chocolate! It just...
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