Brynn Elliott

West of the Fest 2019 Photo Gallery

West of the Fest 2019 pics. And don't forget to check out the artist performance videos .
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5 Thingies about Brynn Elliott on International Women's Day

I was excited to see that Brynn Elliott is part of the lineup for West of the Fest 2019 at Buford's this year. She did a lounge towards the end of summer last year. I snuck out of the Mix studio to catch some of her live performance for some Mix Friends w/ Bennies. Brynn's beauty & talent...
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The Philosophy of Brynn Elliott in the Mix Lounge

One of my favorite things about my job is being able to meet artists. It's especially nice when you meet someone and get to hear a bit of what they are about while their Star is Rising. Today I had the pleasure of enjoying some ear candy and meeting Brynn Elliott. Brynn's music is just as important...
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