Oatcake in a Mug

Try this Yummy Mug Treat!

Yummy mug treat to eat anytime of the day ... thanks to Hungry Girl!
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You Can Now Buy 7-Up Cake at Walmart

While you may be baking or wanting to try something new, there’s nothing wrong with trying obscure new flavors. Food lovers are now reporting that you can buy a 7-Up cake at Walmart.
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Bakery Sells Cheeky Toilet Paper Cakes Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

If you can’t find toilet paper at the store, you’ll surely find it at this bakery in New Orleans. Haydel’s Bakery is keeping their sense of humor amidst the dark coronavirus pandemic by selling toilet paper roll cakes! See more.
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Bailey's Glass

See this turn into a Yummy Booze Bake Cake

Turning Bailiey's into a Yummy Booze Bake 3 layer cake w/ Kahlua Cream Cheese Frosting. It's a Booze Bake Dream Come True!
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Sweet Cinnamon Cake w_ Holiday Kicks

Easy Yummy Holiday Dessert!

A Holiday dessert that's easy and yummy to make. The kicks are the holiday goodies added to the mix!
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Corn vs Cake! Which do you prefer?

Happy #CornontheCobDay & #GermanChocolateCakeDay ! Got the Corn vs Cake battle today. Which do you prefer? Get the grill out & add some bacon and you could have this. Thanks to my cousin Sheryl for the recipe heads up! I'm going to have to try this German Chocolate Cake recipe soon! Looks...
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Wedding Food Trends for 2018

June is a huge wedding month across the country... June 30th, honey Ted & I will be celebrating our 17th Anniversary (add 9 years of dating before.. 26 years together). Pepe le Pew & Penelope Rocked the top of our cake that we got 1 photo bite of, and never had the pleasure of eating the...
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Do you Enjoy Fruitcake?

Today is a day to celebrate 'Fruitcake'. For some reason 'Fruitcake' gets a bum wrap when it comes to it's other cake buddies. I won't say I like it was much as Chocolate Cake, but I enjoy a yummy piece of Fruitcake. I haven't had any this season, since I don't know anyone close to me who enjoys it...
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Heather's Favs

It's #AngelFoodCakeDay It's cake and better for you too! Pretty much a guilt -free cake day! A couple of my favorites... Central Market's Chocolate Angel Food Cake is Amazing. The only chocolate one I have ever run across. Their Vanila AFC is yummy too. There is also a place called Wheatfields that...
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Have Your Cookies & Cake too!

Update August 8/4/2017: It's National #ChocolateChipCookieDay I thought I would whip out my Extreme Love of Chocolate Cookies that I shared in June! Bringing it around today! I will be celebrating all that is a Chocolate Chip 'Cookie! It's a fav of mine any day! #ChocolateChipCookiesRock - HR Over...
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