Halloween Candy

Yummy extra candy treat!

Extra Halloween candy can turn into a yummy chocolate peanut butter blondie bar of goodness.
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Vegan-friendly Halloween Candies to Get Your Treat On!

Vegan friendly Halloween candies to get your Halloween treat on. Yummy #1Thing.
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22 Worst Halloween Candies. Tricks or Treats?

Thrillist put out a list of 22 of the Worst Halloween Candies. Did any of your favorites make the list?
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Top 5 Easter Candy Favorites of 2019!

One of my Easter Favs, which I have been chowing down on for the past 2 months, are the Brach's Spiced Jelly Beans (not crazy about the Jellyed Egg name) . It's hard to eat just a little of these. I also get in trouble this time of year w/ the Brach's Jumbo Jelly Beans . This year I made a new...
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Whataburger PEZ Dispensers are out!

#WhataburgerPez are here! RIght now they are available online at the Whatastore in packs of two for $10.99, including tax and free shipping. Each is sold with three orange-flavored candy refills or in packs of two. Willl you be adding these to your #WhataburgerCollectibles? Here's how they are made...
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A Big Game Changer for Breakfast ... or whatever time of the day !

Smartmouth Brewing Company in Norfolk, VA area has put a beer twist on a popular cereal. It's getting a whole lot of social media Love! The big question of the day ... WOULD YOU DRINK IT? #LuckyCharmsBeer honey Ted (RaidersAustin) has a good question that makes me wonder about the Lucky Charms...
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A Sweet Solution for Leftover Halloween Candy

Coming down from the Halloween Sugar High ! You realize the mother-moad of candy the kiddos got (you got), that there's no way you will eat it all. No worries. Don't throw the candy away. Recycling is a Sweet Solution for leftover candy. It's a 1THING you can share w/ others, and keep Mama Earth...
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You can do lots of Stuff with Candy Corn

Candy Corn is big Halloween Fav for many. A Fav of many any time of the year. I see Candy Corn in just about every store candy aisle pretty much all year around. But it's extra popular in the Fall / Halloween Time. No surprise it has it's own day! #HappyCandyCornDay! If you're into learning a bit...
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The Best Wines To Pair With Your Halloween Candy

Moscato And Starbursts For Everyone
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Halloween Candy 2018

Most Popular Halloween Candy for 2018

What's your favorite?
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