Washington cat found in Alaska returns home safely: 'He got grounded permanently'

A lost cat is home safe and sound after going on an adventure of a lifetime. Panda, a black-and-white house cat from Washington, disappeared on October 8. He was found weeks later in Alaska. Read more now.
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Calling cat lovers! This 'purr-fect' bed frame offers cats a place to play while humans sleep

The bed is ‘purr-fect.’ Cat parents are likely used to sharing their space and furniture with their furry friends, but this bed frame eliminates all that stress while giving both parties their own oasis. See more.
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Fishing Crew Reels in Interesting 'Catch of the Day' While Rescuing Kitten From Open Ocean

A fishing crew in Alabama was shocked to see their “catch of the day” when they reeled it into their boat. The fisherman soon realized it was a tiny cat.
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Cat Rescued After Having Head Stuck in Jar for 2 Weeks

A stray cat has finally been rescued after suffering with its head stuck in a jar for two weeks. The New Zealand cat, who is now called Peanut, was initially spotted in someone’s backyard with the contraption wrapped around his head.
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World’s Oldest Cat Dies at 31

A cat named Rubble, who is believed to be the world’s oldest, has died. He was 31.The fluffy orange Maine coon became the oldest living feline after turning 31 last year.
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Man 'Marries' Cat to Raise Money For Animal Shelter

A California man “married” his cat, Olivia Le Chat, in order to raise funds for Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles, the shelter where he first met his kitty,
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Rudy Pay attention to me!

Helpful guide for working at home with cats & dogs has a guide with lots of ideas and suggestions on how to deal w/ working with your cat & dog at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Cat  getty images

Reagan Elementary teacher Ms Wood lifts Spirits with a fun cat video

Ms. Wood, ak 4th grade teacher from Reagan Elementary finds a way to lift the spirits during social distancing creating her own funny cat video. Teacher who cares about her students and the community and their well being. She Rocks!
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People Are Loving This Puppy That Looks Like a Cat-Dog Hybrid

You finally don’t have to decide whether you like cats or dogs more. The internet is going nuts for a puppy in Vietnam named Dúi, who people say looks like a cat and dog cloned together.
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cat mirror

Cat startles himself in mirror, becomes internet sensation

The world of cat memes never stops!
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