Dog Sent to Store With Note in Collar to Buy Cheetos for Self-Isolating Owner

What a good boy! A man in self-isolation sent his dog out with a note and a $20 bill attached to his collar to buy him some Cheetos. And his dog delivered. See the full post about the man’s dependable best friend!
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Debate: Are Cheetos Actually Chips?

It's a question that has sparked debate down the ages: is a Cheeto a chip? This was the subject of discussion in the 830 WCCO newsroom today after one our reporters — Sloane Martin — got into a Twitter debate with her husband on the topic, as depicted in the video above this post. I don’t care what...
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Lookie: Cheetos + Forever 21 = A Flamin' Hot Summer Collection!

Cheetos Flamin' Hot Collection at Forever 21 stores & online , comes in women's & men's styles. tees, shorts, swimsuits, socks, crop tops & more. Range in price from $5 - $30. Will items from this collection pop up in your wardrobe? Anyone else think a bag of Cheetos should be include?
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Cheese Doodles & Cheetos Lunch Time Poll

Happy #CheeseDoodleDay So... ????
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Chester Cheetah x Chance the Rapper

Chester Cheetah Starts a Rap Battle With Chance the Rapper for "Flaming Hot" Supremacy

Friendly fire between two icons
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