Climate Change

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How Photography is raising Climate Change Awareness

The #EverydayClimateChange Instagram feed showcases the work of photographers from six continents. Helping to raise awareness about Climate Change through Powerful Photos of our Earth in realtime.
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How the COVID-19 pandemic and Climate Change are related

Inside Austin chat with the Vice President of Climate Change at Conservation International Shyla Raghav. She talks about how the environment and the COVID-19 pandemic are intertwined.
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Greta Thunberg's Anthem & Mission before Time's Honor

Update 12/11/19: Congratulations to Swedish Climate Change activist Greta Thunberg for being honored as Time Magazine's 2019 Person of the Year, and the youngest to ever receive this honor. At 16, Greta's voice for Mama Earth, and the immediate need to do something about Climate Change has been...
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How Climate Change Affects Your Well-Being

Britt Wray at a recent official TED conference discussing How Climate Change affects your well-being / Mental Heath.
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10 Foods that May Go Bye Bye During Your Lifetime

Everything we eat won't last forever. With the climate changing causing issues with nature's production, we could be without these 10 Foods during our Lifetime. If we continue the major consumption path w/ no regard to sustaining and preserving of our eco-system, it is very likely to be a Big Bye...
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Tips to help Cope with Growing Climate Anxiety

Are you finding yourself feeling really anxious about your future and the survival of others, animals and the Planet? Whether it's dealing w/ the Plastic Problem, Air Pollution, Your Carbon Footprint... and the issues continue on. You probably have 'Climate Anxiety' . There are no clear statistics...
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Answers to Teenagers Climate Change Questions from Around the World

Happy Earth Month! Happy Earth Day happening on Monday, April 22nd! Now is the perfect time to hit on the big environmental topic … CLIMATE CHANGE! We hear about it a lot, but never really hear answers to questions many of us have. This is the case with many teenagers around the World. Students in...
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A book that makes it easier to talk to kids about Climate Change

Climate Change is a tough subject to talk about with (young) children. To make this conversation easier, Ørsted, a Danish green energy company , teamed up with Wieden+ Kennedy Amsterdam and created a new children's book called "Is This My Home?" This book takes the uncomfortable fear inducing...
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This isn't a NICE headline... 'WORLD TEMPERATURES HIT NEW HIGH IN 2016 FOR THIRD YEAR IN A ROW' It’s actually on the scary side, especially w/ a new administration stepping in the White House that has used the word ‘Hoax’ when it comes to climate change. Another headline: 'TRUMP’S EPA PICK: HUMAN...
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