New IT: Chapter 2 trailer & other Thingies to Get Your Scare On!

Are you ready to 'Get Your Scare On' w/ Pennywise's comeback? YES for me! I'm not scared of clowns. BUT, if they're like Pennywise ... a Cra Cra, Demon Scary Clown, YES, I'M SCARED! Here are some thingies to know about IT: Chapter 2 from NME . A new movie trailer is out. The movie's screen writer...
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Closeup of a scary evil clown wearing a red hair wig, peering out from the corner

Need Some Nightmare Fuel? Watch the 'Clownado' Trailer

Because when 'Sharknado' is a success, the next logical step is clowns. Watch the ridiculous and unnecessarily horrifying trailer for 'Clownado.'
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Diddy Insists He Isn't Afraid Of Clowns, Immediately Shows That He Is

Pennywise puts a scare into him during a visit to 'Ellen'
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Scary Clowns Get Free Whoppers this Halloween!

Gettin' your 'Scary Clown On' for Halloween this year? Burger King could hook you up! In some markets, this Halloween, Burger King will give a Free Whopper to 'Scary Clowns' that drop by participating locations. Austin is listed as one of the markets... Burger King #ScaryClownNight Halloween Deal...
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Are you a season 7 fan?

I'm not sure I can answer YES for being a Season 7 American Horror Story Fan . But I can't answer NO either. Is it as good to me as some other seasons... NO! Is it better than Season 6, which I wasn't a fan... PROBABLY ? After seeing 3 episodes, because it can take a bit for an AHS story line to...
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Did you LIKE the kickoff of AHS7 CULT?

Update: 9/6/17: Obviously, I was excited about the kickoff of season 7 of American Horror Story : CULT last night. I watched it (episode 1 Election Night) w/ honey Ted. There were parts I really liked, but overall 'Did I LIKE, LIKE IT'? I can't answer that. I'm not sure if I LIKED IT, BUT I DIDN'T...
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Texas Movie Theater to Show Stephen King's 'IT' to a Theater Filled With Clowns

Here's the ultimate proof that nightmares can come true: An Austin, TX movie theater will be showing the film based on Stephen King's It to a theater full of clowns next month. The Alamo Drafthouse has announced a special clowns-only presentation of the IT movie on September 9. In fact, there has...
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