Big ole Reeses Pumpkin Cookie

It's a Halloween Big-ole OMYG!

Big 'ole Halloween cookie hack with Reese's Pumpkins. Yummy Halloween treat.
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Big-oleThick Cinnamon Chip Cookies

Kicked Up Big-ole Cinnamon Cookie Success!

Heather tried the Big-ole Thick Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe w/ a few changes! It Worked! Another Bakery style sized success! Big Cookie Win!
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Big Thick Chocolate Chip Cookies

Big-ole Thick Chocolate Chip Cookie Success Y'all!

First time Heather's had Big-ole Thick Chocolate Chip Cookies! Bakery style sized success! Big Cookie Win!
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Chocolate Chip & Potato Chip Cookies

Social Distancing Twist on a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Heather did something for the 1st time w/ Chocolate Chip Cookies by request of honey Ted. Turned out easy to make & yummy. Perfect Social Distancing yummy fun at home.
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Cookie Crumbl

Social Distancing with these Cookies Can Rock!

New yummy cookie treat to try in the SW ATX area ... Cookie Crumbl!
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Santa's Helper

Where is Santa? Find out here

Santa is coming town! Find out where he is, and when he's coming. Santa trackingin full force!
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Girl Scouts Boxed Chocolates

Girl Scouts Sell Lots More than Just Cookies! Heads up on a Next Fall Newbie!

Heather discovers a lot more than Girl Scout Cookies in the breakroom.
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Look Out for these Oreo Newbies!

Just a few days ago shopping w/ honey Ted , I was wondering when a new Oreo tasty treat might pop up. BAM ... I ran across this. We don't have to just eat our Oreos. We can drink them too. Together a DOUBLE YUMMY EXPERIENCE! I have seen the Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos at HEB/ Walmart .. all over. But...
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Kickin' Up the Cookie Game with these Newbies!

I'm a big Chocolate Chip Cookie fan. Growing up, it was one of the first yummy thingies I baked w/ my Mama Betty. Store bought ones are okay, but nothing beats a fresh out of the oven soft, gooey cookie. It's always fun to mix things up when making cookies. I ran across these 2 newbies that can...
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A Sweet Yummy to go w/ the Summer Cold Front!

Happy Vanilla Ice Cream Day! This dessert Rocked during the weekend, and it would Rock today w/ Vanilla Ice Cream being Queen! During a recent #GroceryShoppingDateNight w/ honey Ted, I ran across a a big time sale on a Shortbread Cookie mix.I put it to yummy use this past weekend since Ice Cream...
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