1 of these 3 Holiday Foodie Thingies can make Breakfast Creepy

1 of these 3 Holiday Foodie Thingies could make Breakfast Creepy. honey Ted would think so. How about you ... Yummy Cool or Creepy?
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Is Rudy's new way to cool off a Trick or Treat?

Over the weekend, Rudy discovered a new way to cool off and play. My girl Patti had suggested using ice to help stop #lilJaws from biting hard w/ those razor sharp puppy teeth while playing. It almost seems like a trick in the end, but definitely a treat watching him. Encore playing performances...
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Cool off w/ a Watermelon Slushie

Happy HOT Hump Day! Perfect day for kickin' up the Keepin' Cool Drinks to another level. Watermelon Slushies fit! Slushies keep you cool, and if you drink them too fast, they can give you a brainfreeze even in the heat. Beware of laughing while drinking a slushie. It can come out your nose. I...
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A Central Texas Waterpark made the list of WPs with Adult Sized Fun too!

It's the 50th Anniversary of the Wave Pool, thanks to guy named Phil Dexter from Tempe, Arizona (RIP 11/07/2014 at 87) . His wave pool became the stepping stone and creation of what we know as "Waterparks" today! The WP's today aren't just for kids, but many have attractions for the Big Kiddos at...
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Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers Comeback Continues With a "Cool" New Single

Step two in the reunion is released on Friday
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