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Support local Farmers Markets in the Austin area

Support the local economy and farmers at numerous Farmer's Markets in the Austin area. Showing local shopping love while getting farm-fresh nutritious benefits. Big yummy #1Thing win!
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Man loses pregnant wife to COVID-19: ‘I really thought she was going to pull through’

Juan Duran-Gutierrez now has to raise three young children by himself, including a newborn, after his wife, Aurora Chacon-Esparza, died of COVID-19.
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What are the chances of getting a stimulus check in the next two weeks?

Lawmakers and officials at the White have been in continuous talks on another round of coronavirus relief. What are the chances of getting a stimulus check in the next two weeks?
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Top Halloween 2020 costumes, Charlie Brown's move & more!

Halloweenie Thingies to do at home and in the ATX area. Keeping COVID-19 precautions in mind. Tricks, treats and thingies inbetween to Get Your Boo On!
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COVID outbreak at nursing home infects every resident, kills 10

62 residents at a Kansas nursing home contracted the deadly virus and ten have died. Health officials said one resident is currently in the hospital and the rest are being quarantined.
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3 members of same family die of COVID-19, 5 more sickened

As seven months went by, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to devastate families all across the nation. Read this heartbreaking story of three members of the same family dying of COVID-19. Five members of the same family tested positive.
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WATCH: Woman strikes flight attendant while wearing face mask incorrectly

Chaos erupted on a Delta Airlines flight after a passenger who was wearing her face mask wrong was kicked off the airplane after punching a flight attendant in the face.
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COVID cases likely to surge during 'six weeks of superspreader events' during the holiday season

The holiday season is just around the corner. Find our why COVID-19 cases are likely to surge during the ‘six weeks of superspreader events.’
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Lowe’s is offering free delivery for fresh Christmas trees this year

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Lowe’s will offer free local delivery of fresh-cut Christmas trees to your home for the holidays.
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Dentists could raise fees, close businesses as COVID-19 keeps patients away

Millions across the nation may be delaying their dental appointments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dentists could raise fees and close businesses as pandemic keeps patients away.
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