Daylight Saving Time

When does daylight saving time end? How to fall back with minimal side effects

As the seasons and weather change, so do the clocks! When daylight savings ends and we fall back on November 1 at 2 am, it could take a toll on your sleep cycle. Here’s how to adjust with minimal side effects.
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Could Daylight Saving Be Extended During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The U.S. may not “fall back” in November or “spring forward” next March if a new bill aimed at temporarily extending daylight saving time during the COVID-19 pandemic passes.
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Would you like to see this end? Take the Poll ...

It's that time again to lose an hour on Sunday at 2am. Which means we spring forward to 3am ... right? Yes.. Fall is back. For now still gotta tend to any rogue clocks or watches. The car clock... Take this poll. Plus find out about a bill that's trying to be entered for the people of the state of...
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