Pecan Pie piece with whip Getty images

Pecan Pie in holiday spirit ... martini!

Delish's Pecan Pie Martini for drinking dessert during the holidays!
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Costco brings back its glorious 5-pound pumpkin cheesecake for the holidays

If you’re looking for a pie that’ll wow all your family members at Thanksgiving, look no further than Costco’s latest offering: pumpkin cheesecake. Read more and get yours now!
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6 Fourth of July Desserts That Will Make Independence Day Sweeter

Every Fourth of July celebration consists of these things: grilled food, fireworks, and dessert. After noshing on BBQ all day, you’re going to need some sweets to cleanse your palate ahead of the fireworks! See these 6 easy recipes.
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Hot Fudge Pie

Easy to make Hot Fudge Pie

Easy to make Hot Fudge Pie recipe share from FB friend Colleen w/ a bit of a tweek.
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Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bars

Most Popular Dessert Recipe Ever ...Tested!

Heather tries out the Most Popular Dessert Recipe ... Ever to see if the Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bars are all that!
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Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches

The Most Popular Dessert Recipe ... Ever!

DIY Homemade Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches from is their most popular dessert recipe .. EVER! At least since 2015 so far..
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Sweet Cinnamon Cake w_ Holiday Kicks

Easy Yummy Holiday Dessert!

A Holiday dessert that's easy and yummy to make. The kicks are the holiday goodies added to the mix!
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Sweet Deal: Freebies and Bargains for National Dessert Day 2019

September was divine for hungry deal hunters, loaded with opps for discount pizza , burgers and guac . But October is a whole other ballgame. Treat seekers, don’t fret -- you have plenty of chances to get sweet delights this month, and you don’t need to wait to dress like Zoolander to get them...
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A Sweet Yummy to go w/ the Summer Cold Front!

Happy Vanilla Ice Cream Day! This dessert Rocked during the weekend, and it would Rock today w/ Vanilla Ice Cream being Queen! During a recent #GroceryShoppingDateNight w/ honey Ted, I ran across a a big time sale on a Shortbread Cookie mix.I put it to yummy use this past weekend since Ice Cream...
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It's Apple Pie Day! Take The Pie Pounding Poll!

Happy Apple Pie Day! The 1st Apple Pie recipe was printed in England. But for over 100 years the phrase 'As American as Apple Pie' has been used! It's considered a healthier pie than most. So you could eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner.. dessert.. whenever you would like today. It's Apple...
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