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Reuse & Recycle Board Games

Reuse and recycle old board games. DIY #FamilyFun #1Thing
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DIY Natural Mosquito Spray

Lavender to the bug bit rescue with a #DIY mosquito spray. #1Thing
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Could you call this Amazon order Home?

Take a look at what the Allwood Avalon on Amazon can give you for $33K.
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27 Biofriendly Fun Things to do this Summer

27 #Biofriendly things you can do with the entire family enjoying Mama Nature together this Summer! Big ATX #1Thing Win!
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Rudy Roo Face Scarf

Heather & honey Ted's Easy DIY Face Coverings

Heather & honey Ted show how easy it is to make your own face covering to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Rudy Roo gets into the action too...
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10 Easy DIY Tricks You can do with Food

Happy Spring! It's a Great time to cleanup and try something new. These DIY tricks with food will do all of this and more in a much Greener way! Get ready to grab your ketchup, milk, peanut butter, Sprite and more. 1Things that can also help Mama Earth! Video of 10 tricks you didn't know...
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Turn Your Old T-Shirts into Something Cool & Useful

Cleaning out closets & drawers time! Rather than tossing old clothing you don't wear, and it's not in good condition to donate. Repurpose! Especially fun to do with Old T-shirts turning them into some really cool & useful. Here are some suggestions of 1THINGS you can do , that can be Fun...
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5 Natural DIY Ideas to Heal Dry Winter Skin

Winter time in ATX / Central Texas is quite confusing. Cold, Warm, Cold, Warm, Cold, Warm ... HOT.. Freezing thrown in there. It's been quite a mix. This weather can also have your skin calling out for big time HELP! Cracked, dry, bumpy, with a rash, blotchy ... which are just a few of the many dry...
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Wow Factor Creations of Duct Tape

Duct / Duck Tape has always been the go-to when something falls apart, and you can fix it w/ #DuctTape . Duct Tape is even more talented w/ a bit of creative crafting mixed in. Check out these Duct Tape creations / hacks! You can stray away from the standard silver, and go Duct / Duck Tape crazy...
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