Earth Day

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Celebrate 1Day doing 1Thing to preserve the Greater ATX Community

Mix 94.7 is celebrating with our Entercom sister stations across the country 1 Day/ 1Thing for Earth Day's 50th Anniversary. Make a difference while social distancing at home. Your spring cleaning clutter can get a second life with #GoodwillCentralTexas. #1Day1Thing #GoodWillCome #stayconnected
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Livin' the Green Life with Pets

More & more pet parents are learning and becoming more eco-friendly in livin' the Green life. Doing 1Thing with your pet each day will help their overall health and happiness as well as helping the environment. Find lots of #LivintheGreenLife pet 1Things thanks to #Rover in honor of #EarthDay50...
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Earth Day 50th

Earth Day 2020 50th Celebration Kicks Off Earth Day Live!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 #EarthDay celebrates it's Big 50 by going digital ... TOGETHER, WE EARTHRISE! Ways to #TakeAction! #1Thing
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How the COVID-19 pandemic and Climate Change are related

Inside Austin chat with the Vice President of Climate Change at Conservation International Shyla Raghav. She talks about how the environment and the COVID-19 pandemic are intertwined.
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Hug Tree

Social Distancing in this time of COVID-19: hug a tree for each other.

Social Distancing doesn't mean we can't enjoy, what many times we took forgranted before COVID-19, going OUTSIDE! Appreciation of the beauty of nature, and picking up a few eco-friendly habits to preserve it. #1Thing
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The Chainsmokers

1THING: The Chainsmokers Celebrate Earth Day With a Strict Ban on One-Time Use Water Bottles

“We put our foot down!” The Chainsmokers reveal of how they’re being more conscious of their environmental impact.
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Make Every Day Earth Day by Reusing, Reducing & Recycling

Happy Earth Day! A Great 1THING to do with items you’re trying to get rid of to celebrate the day is to Reuse, Reduce & Recycle . Keep it up making Everyday Earth Day! This will truly help the Environment in which we all live. Rather than tossing something right away, see if you can Reuse it...
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Happy Earth Day with the Festival Beach Food Forest

On Earth Day, Monday April 22nd, Entercom volunteers across the country will join together for local environmental service projects that will make a positive impact on our communities and our planet – projects will range from tree planting, to park /waterway clean ups to recycling projects and...
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Answers to Teenagers Climate Change Questions from Around the World

Happy Earth Month! Happy Earth Day happening on Monday, April 22nd! Now is the perfect time to hit on the big environmental topic … CLIMATE CHANGE! We hear about it a lot, but never really hear answers to questions many of us have. This is the case with many teenagers around the World. Students in...
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ENTERCOM has teamed up w/ Conservation International to save 400 acres of Elephant Habitat in Africa . Keep the Elephants safe, and from being hunted for their ivory! We need them in this world! Find out more and lots of 1THINGs you can do that will help the Environment in which we live! Have a...
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