Egg Whites

How do you Enjoy your Eggs?

Happy #EggDay! I'm a fan of Egg Whites, and I eat them several times during a week. honey Ted is the Whole Eg g fan. They end up on his Cornbeef & Roastbeef Hash often. Eggs can be a meal, especially in Omlette form. They are a yummy side dish. Summertime brings out the Deviled Eggs.. Egg Salad...
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Would You Eat Aquafaba?

Would you eat AquaFaba ? What is AquaFaba ? Aquafaba is the liquid left over from cooking chickpeas. The liquid many pour out after taking the chickpeas out. This liquid gets whipped up, and can replace egg whites in some recipes. It can foam up just like meringue. Aquafaba is becoming quite the...
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