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How old were you when you learned this life hack?

A guy on Tik Tok showed this life hack making scrambled eggs. Never thought to do this ... not sure why??
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How do you Enjoy your Eggs?

Happy #EggDay! I'm a fan of Egg Whites, and I eat them several times during a week. honey Ted is the Whole Eg g fan. They end up on his Cornbeef & Roastbeef Hash often. Eggs can be a meal, especially in Omlette form. They are a yummy side dish. Summertime brings out the Deviled Eggs.. Egg Salad...
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An Egg Massacre happened this weekend!

It was Saturday morning, and I was boiling eggs for my Furbaby Huey's Breakfast. Yes, he's spoiled, but it's for a stomach issue he's had since he was an even smaller and younger Huey. Anyway, I got the boiling part done, but it's obvious I had problems w/ the egg shell peeling. Mix Facebook...
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Cute & Yummy

I was wishing my FB friend Bonnie JW a Happy You Day a bit ago, and I saw these Deviled Chicks on her page. It's a pretty cute way to serve up some D-eggs for Easter, and great way to eat the Easter eggs you color, after you're done finding them. Cute, clever, helps stop waste.. It's a Win Win...
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Can You Eat This?

Earlier this week actor Scott Foley threw out a challenge of sorts with a breakfast he was eating. It started trending via social media as something 'REALLY GROSS' to try! So I gave it a try... Your turn ...
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