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Get your Cheese on in ATX!

Have a truly cheesy experience with some of ATX's finest cheeses. Thanks to DO512!
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Brushes with Cancer Austin live virtual experience

Brushes with Cancer matches artists with individuals touched by cancer (inspirations). The virtual experience will be like nothing ever experienced before on October 25. An an evening of survivorship, hope and inspiration. All of the art proceeds benefits the mission and work of Twist Out Cancer.
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Happy Road Trip Day!

Memorial Day Weekend many times includes road trips with family / friends. If you're doing that this weekend, please drive carefully. Grab the Sunscreen & bug spray. Plus having an extra cooler never hurts either. Where has your favorite been so far ... ? When honey Ted & I moved to Florida...
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The Modern, Human version of the Ancient Catapult.

The World's 1st Human Catapult / Giant Slingshot experience is happening in New Zealand. The 'Nervis Catapult' will fling you across 492 feet of the Nevis Valley at 62mph. Giving you a wide view of Queensland, New Zealand.It's $172 a fling. You could add this on your bucketlist. If you had the...
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honey Ted's Shoe Shopping Experience

honey Ted's B-day is on June 12th, and he's not the easiest to shop for. I won't get shoes or clothing w/ out him around. So he's in need of a new pair of shoes, he doesn't collect them like I do. He also has the issue w/ a shoe if it costs more than $20. He has a certain style and type he likes to...
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