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An ATX 6 -year-old's fashion dream comes true & on sale now!

ATX 6-year-old was able to have her dream come true thanks to Macy's Believe with Make-A-Wish. You can wear an original 'Elizabeth'.
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Beautiful Black-Owned Sustainable and Ethical African Brands

Beautiful Black-Owned Sustainable and Ethical African Brands you can shop now. Eco-conscious designs made to unify. #1Thing #SocialJustice #BLM
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Keepin' It Fabulous at ACL Music Fest 2019

ACL Music Fest 2019 had tons of Fabulous Ear Candy! That ROCKED HARD! It could be heard from miles away. Seriously, honey Ted and I heard Guns N' Roses Weekend 2 Friday performance from our patio. We live at least 10 miles away! It wasn't crystal clear, but loud enough that we figured out they were...
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Sean Mack's Backstage Pass: Wednesday, October 2nd

In today's backstage pass, let's talk about some pricey fashion choices-plus, what's the most popular Halloween candy in Texas?
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Woman spills red wine on white outfit, has brilliant solution

Don't you hate when you get all dressed up for a fancy event...and then you spill something on your getup. The day is ruined, right? Well this woman had the ultimate disaster happen-she spilled red wine on her all-white outfit. So...she went to the bathroom and improvised! so we’re 2 hours into the...
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5 Thingies about Lady Gaga's FABULOUS MET GALA ENTRANCE! Brick Phone Poll!

2019 Met Gala yesterday did not disappoint when it came to Creative , Wild & Outlandish Outfits / Fashions worn. Although co-host Lady Gaga stole the red carpet w/ her FABULOUS ENTRANCE that included multi-changes. Accessories are important to the theme too. Many times a trendsetter ... or...
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Pants that give you "fried chicken legs" are here...but why???

I've seen some crazy fashion "trends" in my life, but this one is taking it to a whole new level. Do you see this catching on? Would you wear these? Are you hungry for fried chicken now? Fried Chicken Drumstick-Like Pants Will Definitely Make You A Fashionista pic.twitter...
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Prom Rack 2019: Making Prom Dreams Come True!

THANK YOU TO ALL who donated / volunteered for #PromRack2019! Your help made many Prom Dreams in the ATX area come true. Gigi and her crew with the Write to Me Foundation believe in helping others and the community. You could see and feel that big time on Saturday at the Lanier Early College High...
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Iconic Oscars Fashion: Red Carpet Styles We’re Still Talking About

One of the biggest draws of the Academy Awards is seeing who is wearing what. Over the years certain celebrities upped their fashion game and they still have us talking years later. You’d be hard-pressed to discuss Academy Award fashion without talking about the iconic Bob Mackie sequined gown and...
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Braids are on Trend for 2019, but not just on your head.

Braids are popping up again for a trend of 2019. This video is making the rounds again from last summer. Created as art, and now it's getting social media attention for the next Fashion Fun Thingie for 2019. No worries, if you don't have long enough hair for the braids, you can always get...
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