Father's Day

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A Dozen Dad's Day Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

A dozen gift ideas for dad that gives back to people & the planet. An Eco-friendly #1Thing Win!
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This commercial honoring stepfathers will warm your heart

This Sunday is Father's Day. Of course, we wish all the fathers out there a wonderful day...but let's not forget all the stepfathers out there as well! Budweiser put out this touching commercial to honor all the stepdads...try not to cry! Video of Budweiser | For The Fathers Who Stepped Up
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Find Out Each State's Favorite TV Dad! Texas May Surprise You!

In honor of Daddy's Day 'How To Watch' released a report of the 'Favorite TV Dad' of each state. Milo Ventimiglia / Jack Pearson on This is Us & Homer Simpson are the two most 'Favorite Dads in the USA' according to this report. I was surprised by Texas Favorite TV Dad ... Gomez Addams / from...
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Daddy's Day is Sunday! Do you know what your Daddy wants? Asking for suggestions so we can all help each other out. Daddy gets what he wants, rather than socks & undies. Unless that is what your Daddy wants, then go for it! I suggest the Whataburger Socks ... w/ the shoes! Kickin up the Socks...
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WATCH: 'Stranger Things' Kids Wish Steve Harrington a Happy Father's Day

Watch the 'Stranger Things' kids wish "dad Steve" a happy Father's Day.
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Judge Judy Has a Message for Fathers of Girls Everywhere

“Every successful woman I know had a father who adored her," the TV judge recently said.
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