A rainy week in Austin continues

Another strong line of storms moved through the Austin area earlier this afternoon. Once again, flooding was an issue-check out this video of rain flowing outside our studio in West Lake Hills a good hour after the rain had stopped: We should be good in terms of serious storms for the rest of the...
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A close-up look at Barton Creek's crazy weekend flooding

It was a wild Friday night of rain in the Austin area. Some areas saw up to six and seven inches of rain in just a few hours! As a result, Barton Creek was closed most of the weekend. Areas that usually run only a few inches deep were turned into wild rapids. The creek reached levels that haven't...
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LT Firefighters Rescue two flags stranded by flooding

The flood waters in Central Texas continue to rise, taking over homes, businesses and whatever is in it's path of destruction. It will not take over the human spirit of survival and resilience. Here's proof of that today when the Lake Travis Firefighters , who were working RIB601 conducting a...
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