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A solution for stopping Cheetle fingers

A solution for Cheetle fingers, because finger licking is not an option. Snacky snack time figure guards!
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Austin Humane Society  September 2020

AHS pet food pantry event. Sign up for December waitlist date.

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a struggle for many in our community – animals and people. Austin Humane Society is holding another Pet Food Pantry Event to help with feeding Austin's furbabies, and help relieve some of the family stress.
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Try making a sandwich this way

Between Two Buns a sandwich making contest with Molly & Gabriel using ingredients that start with the letter that is drawn. First one without an ingredient has to eat the sandwich. contestants Molly Stankoski and Gabrielle Williott attempt to make the best possible sandwich using only...
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An Eco-friendly alternative to plastic food storage.

The benefits of silicone food coverings for the environment. #1Thing save for the planet and food at the same time!
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This is how to order food

This is how to order food next time. Spreading the Happy. View this post on Instagram @shycarterofficial sang his order—but was surprised when the woman taking his order repeated it back on beat. He tells Good News Movement he was “just trying to spread some good vibes.” --❤️ Este chico Cárter...
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Dunkin' Offering Free Donut Fridays and $2 Iced Coffee Mondays in May

Dunkin’ is here to make your time in quarantine a little more bearable. In addition to extending free donut Friday to the whole month of May, the chain is also offering $2 iced coffees every Monday. Find out more now!
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Food Chefs

Hands for Austin Restaurants helping Austin's Restaurant Community

Some of Austin's best chefs share video recipes for donations that will help others in Austin's restaurant community hit hard due to Covid-19. Donate, get tasty recipes and learn some new skills while helping others.
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8 Things to do to Help Stop Food Waste

Foodies unite against #FoodWaste. 8 Thingies You Can Do to Stop it! #1Thing
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Takeout Tracker helping Austin Restaurants

Takeout Track is a local website created to help peeps find Austin Restaurants that are open. Ready to calm the coronavirus anxiety w/ a yummy food.
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Delivery - Takeout Austin Mix 94.7

List: Restaurants open for takeout or delivery

Consider supporting the restaurant industry in and around Austin if you can. Here's a helpful list of what establishments are open for takeout, delivery or both. Want to add your restaurant? Click here . Mezze Me . 4700 W Guadalupe St Suite#9, Austin, TX 78751. Mon.-Sun., 11am – 9pm. Takeout and...
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