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Support local Farmers Markets in the Austin area

Support the local economy and farmers at numerous Farmer's Markets in the Austin area. Showing local shopping love while getting farm-fresh nutritious benefits. Big yummy #1Thing win!
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Why a Watermelon Mill is needed this Summer

Watermelon is such an AWESOME SUMMER TREAT! Here's the but.. It's not that fun to cut. Especially when you butcher pieces like I do. I ran across this, and feel this could solve my problems. Plus it looks Fun to use. Think a Watermelon Mill (knife) is needed in your life this Summer?
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Smashed Together - Makes A Sweet Summer (Dessert) Salad

I've been seeing this pop up all over social media this week. Considered a #SummerSalad ... #SummerSugarSalad. .. Looks like a perfect yummy fit for Summer picnics & BBQs. My kind of Salad ... Dessert ... looks like it could go both ways... Fresh berries combined with a creamy cheesecake fluff...
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Do you Enjoy Fruitcake?

Today is a day to celebrate 'Fruitcake'. For some reason 'Fruitcake' gets a bum wrap when it comes to it's other cake buddies. I won't say I like it was much as Chocolate Cake, but I enjoy a yummy piece of Fruitcake. I haven't had any this season, since I don't know anyone close to me who enjoys it...
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Would you put this on your Watermelon?

Happy Watermelon Day! Okay, I ran across a video that shows how to trim a watermelon , which I'm not very good at, so I thought I would share if anyone has that issue too. But there was a surprise from the Food Network after the 101 for Trimming, the unexpected seasoning that was suggested to put...
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13 Fruity 1Things

April is Happy Earth Month. Every 1Thing you can do to help Mama Earth is a huge plus. Let’s talk Fruit. Once it starts going bad/ too ripe, instead of tossing it right away, there could be another use for it, if you can’t stomach it. Click here for 13 Fruity Ideas for a #1Thing you can do!
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