Happy Fudge Day! Celebrate w/ a Fudgey Brownie Surprise

I found out today is National #FudgeDay . Fudge is a favorite of many. honey Ted and I enjoy a piece from time to time. Fudge also finds a way into other baked goods, and when that happens it really can create a Chocolate Fudgey Experience. Over the weekend, I kicked up a brownie box mix, that...
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Happy Fudge Day!

It's #FudgeDay ! Here are a few places you can endulge... #TGIFF #ThankGoodnessItsFudgeFriday Five #FudgeInATX Big Top -There can be a line waiting to pay, and their Fudge case happens to right there next to you while you're waiting. Can you resist? Quack's 43rd Street Bakery Lammes Candies The...
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