Zeus @ Austin Humane Society July 2020

Zeus & friends are ready to chill with YOU

Zeus & Snickers are ready to chill this Summer and many more to come in their furever home with you. Call for an adoption appointment.
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See what social distancing with a 450lb Dog would be like

Imagine social distancing with JuJi the 450lb dog. From Puppy to GIANT FURBABY.. literally!
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Say Hey to Amigo & friends at the Austin Humane Society! Plus Make Puppy Bowl 13 Plans!

Amigo, January, Jasper & friends at the Austin Humane Society are ready for furvever homes. Take them home with you. Plus get ready for #PuppyBowl13 at 2 locations this year. Double the Puppy Good Times!
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AHS Furbabies are Ready to Celebrate the Holidays w/ You!

Baked Potato and her furbaby friends at the Austin Humane Society are ready to celebrate Thanksgiving / Holidays in a Furever Home. Make the Holiday Season even Happier! #SpreadtheLoveATX
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Take the Would You Want to Know Poll

Rudy wants to know: If your furbaby could tell you what's on their mind, would you want to know?
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Rudy wants to know, if you would want to know?

Heck Yes! I'd Love to know what my furbaby is thinking at all times!
50% (4 votes)
Maybe sometimes ... I'd like to know what they were thinking, but not all the time.
38% (3 votes)
Heck No! I'm sure it would be something I wouldn't want to know.
13% (1 vote)
Total votes: 8
Do you ever look at your furbaby and think , ' I wish I knew what they were thinking? ... I wish they could tell me?'. honey Ted says it all the time. Maybe sometimes, but for the most part Rudy's looks let me know pretty much what he's thinking. I'm sure I don't want to know it at the time. Rudy...
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Halloween Safety Check List for Your Furbabies

Rudy sends Big Love to the Awesome Peeps at Brodie Animal Hospital who are always looking out for furbabies & their health 24/7! Making sure you are this Halloween too!
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Many Texans are picking Pet Parenthood over having kids. Take the Poll!

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Rudy's 3 stages of Doggie Drama in less than 12 Hours

honey Ted & I continue to get Rudy ready for his 1st Road Trip to meet / visit family in Omaha, NE. With all the healing issues of his belly .. neutering... herniated belly button ... we had to hold off much longer than wanted for 'Bath Time'. Rudy's #PurePuppyPower kicked in during the 3...
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Does your furbaby have lots of SLMs when you take them out?

Rudy's day starts w/ me taking him out to get his biz done. During the 1st week, I learned I need to plan ahead and have extra time available if Rudy throws in a bunch of Squirrel Like Moments. His attention goes away from getting his biz done, because he wants to see or do something else. Rudy's...
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