Daddy's Day is Sunday! Do you know what your Daddy wants? Asking for suggestions so we can all help each other out. Daddy gets what he wants, rather than socks & undies. Unless that is what your Daddy wants, then go for it! I suggest the Whataburger Socks ... w/ the shoes! Kickin up the Socks...
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This Man Invented an Ever-Lasting Electronic Flower as a Present for His Wife

The gift is next level
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Get Your Holiday Crafting On

Happy Holidays can be even Happier by cutting down Holiday spending to save Green and be more Green too! You'll find there are items you thought you needed to buy, but you really don't have too. You'd be surprised what supplies you already have to create it. Gifts and decorations that are created...
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Holiday Gift Giving to Surprise, Shock , Scare ...

It's the most wonderful time of the year to have some fun w/ those you Love and give them a gift that makes them go. . WTF? It's all in the wrapping . The one above is a clever way using duct tape for the beauty of decoration. You could go a step further and just wrap the entire box w/ the gift in...
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Stranger Things

Eleven Gifts for Every Kind of 'Stranger Things' Fan on Your Holiday Shopping List

Holiday shopping is hard. Maybe even harder than the blow of discovering that your significant other/friend/whomever you watch Netflix with has binge-watched the rest of Stranger Things 2 … without you.
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